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    Carrying knives

    How do all the chefs and pros store/ carry there knives at work. I currently have an utilitarian edge knife bag but it has seen better days. I used to use a Kobi kit but it didn't last. I have used a tool box but it was kind if big but very functional so I was wondering what everyone else uses?
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    Washing Uniforms with Drano?

    I soak mine in HOT water, oxy clean, and dawn dish soap as a degreaser and a little bleach. Iv also used the heavy duty cleaning stuff like used in restaurant for really bad stains. I always run my coats twice to get any extra soap off a second time with bleach and regular laundry detergent...
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    lightweight breathable pants for work?

    Either dickies, cheap wrangeler cargo pants from wally world, or La police gear tatilite pants. The third probally being the lightest and most breathable, and pretty cheap as well.
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    2 up for sale

    pm sent
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    Pro chef's-to-be, please don't be put-off by carbon steel!

    I use pretty much all carbon knives, After i patiana them i have no issues...
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    New cut of beef

    Interesting, Kind of makes me wonder where this cut comes from...
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    lol nice
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    What's the Strangest Thing You've Eaten

    in culinaey school the chef cooked brains with scrambked eggs, it sounds gross butbit tasted just like scrambled eggs kinda weird.
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    Cool Japanese Products

    cool stuff lol
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    VG-10 PITA

    try sharpening cpm 154 thats a pain, theres a reason why i own pretty much all carbon
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    The most difficult thing I ever did with a knife and...

    nice! its great to see you giving on to somone that apreciates it.
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    chef clogs

    I use crocs, there cheap, comphy and hold up very well, i had a pair of birkis, they wore out in in under a year, nothing like your shoes craping out on you the week of mothers day. plus the break in period was hell on my feet.
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    Compliments to the chef.......

    lol, thanks for sharing.
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    Pro Kitchen Work Horse Knife

    misono sweedish, i got my gyuto almost 4 years ago, its still my go to knife.
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    Tried out my new knives.

    nice! nothing like using a knife for the first time
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    Daniel Boulud's Ten Commandments of a Chef

    cant agree more i wish all my cooks would read this/ strive to do there best.
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    What kind of edge do you put on your edc?

    Covexed on 120 grit belt, Deburred on leather
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    need help finding an edc

    If you looking for carbon there was a sprint run of Cali 2 or 3 with a gomi super blue.
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    A good old dog

    Sorry to hear, I lost my lab earlier this year, somtimes it better from them to move on, especially when there suffereing
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    Closing for a month, storing knives?

    Barkeepers will work on some pretty heavy rust, I use it with an old wine cork and it works great