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    Media Laser 270mm aeb-l gyuto video

    I'm sorry dave, but you accused me of shilling, which the other monitors said was unture I even sent you a pm and never got anything back. I never said to go out and buy that knife and such. I'd gladly tell others what i felt was wrong with it. You simply said for me to no show the Chefs on my...
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    Media Laser 270mm aeb-l gyuto video

    And I'm sorry to say that this is one of the main reason why I've yet to really place one of my silly videos on here. To much drama. And I'll leave it at that.
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    Whats your all time favorite carbon 240mm gyuto?!

    But yup Labor is right. Basically take the best parts of the Fujiyama and the best of the laser and mix and you have a hell of a knife. I did a little video of it (review, in work action, and a pass over for looks) let me know if you want me to link them .
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    Whats your all time favorite carbon 240mm gyuto?!

    Kono 270 white #2 honyaki.
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    Media Sneek peek at the left 360 in action

    Well wasn't busy at work and had to quarter a whole top sirloin for carving station. Enjoy.
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    360 pics in Jons part.

    Hey guys. Well as a few of you know, I had Jon get me a left 360mm yanagiba. Now, I to this day have no clue on how to post a pic so I asked Jon if he could. So long story short if you'd like to see what she looks like check out Jon's page. Thanks again.
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    Japanese Knives Gesshin Uraku Special Order 360mm White #2 Left Handed Yanagiba

    Thanks all. Yup that's my new toy :) Haven't used it on anything yet just been kind of admiring it. People are work are either really wanting to see it, or like the head chef told me to just bring in a picture and leave that damn thing at home haha.
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    Pierre Carbon Beta knife review.

    Enjoy it Rick. It might be there today if not tomorrow.
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    Pierre Carbon Beta knife review.

    I thank you sir. Didn't think it was going to be good haha. I had gotten my ass kicked the night before at work so I thought speed wasn't going to be that great.
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    Pierre Carbon Beta knife review.

    haha. Well ask and ye shale receive. Nothing fancy just the normal tomato and onion. Enjoys.
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    Pierre Carbon Beta knife review.

    Hey all. Well here is a small written review on a current beta knife made by Pierre. Sorry, but the steel is still a secret I started the initial bevel cutting last night, (figuring it would take some time to get it cut) so busted out the 60 grit stone and much to my surprise, (and thankfully...
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    First Yanagiba

    Haha I'll shoot a few pics and try and post. May ask Jon to since I've never mastered the art of doing pictures on here. But even Jon said that this was the largest yanagi he has ever ordered :) "Small" birthday present to myself haha.
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    First Yanagiba

    Hey. I ended up getting a Yoshihiro from Jon and I really like it. Great work knife. Price isn't bad for a 270. Actually liked it so much that I have a 360 mm on order.
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    Media Second Video

    Thanks man. Oddly enough I've never worked the line, (at least where I work. Did in college) But I do a ton of prep and use a knife some 8 hours a day times about 6 days a week solid :) Thanks.
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    Kochi blue steel gyuto

    Not that I can really as in regards to the grind, I'm going to use her some more this weekend and like I said I'll either get a short video of it in action this weekend or the next.
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    Kochi blue steel gyuto

    Well I picked up a Kochi from Jon about three weeks ago or so and I really like it. Like was said, on the tall side and has a little heft to it, but this baby is a good performer. When I had asked Jon what the edge was set at he told me that it was set to about 5 degrees per side. When I got the...
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    Yup that's what a lot of high end yanagi need unless you ask for it to be sharpened I think. But a beautiful knife. I think that it's called Honba-Tsuke
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    Need a suji?

    I own a Kono 240 suji and really like it. Nice price also.
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    Korin Exclusive Togiharus

    OK. So for the price of TWO Masamoto Honyakis and more than enough cash left over to get a few nice stones or one really kick-ass natural? I'm sorry but can't really see how different they are so I also would pass. Nice though.
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    Apologies to the purists

    I'm all for a shinny blade, but when it comes to carbon, all of mine sport there patina with pride. Hell, I had my kono suji for about a month and the damn thing is VERY dark. Like many have said, patina is the blades history of what its been through.