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  1. K-Fed

    Gesshin 400 passaround

    Don and then Jvanis are the last two on the list at the moment.
  2. K-Fed

    #13 ITK test drive

    Awesome. I want that sandwich. I've got #10 and it's still the gyuto that sets the standard and for other gyutos to measure up to.
  3. K-Fed

    Gesshin 400 passaround

    You're more than welcome. I believe brainsausage, or crothcipt are next on the list whenever you're ready to pass it on. =)
  4. K-Fed

    Gesshin 400 passaround

    Any update on the whereabouts, and or comments on the stone?
  5. K-Fed

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Ousso bucco, risotto Milanese, lemon parsley crisp, fennel tops.
  6. K-Fed

    Slicer Recommendations?

    Personally, with a budget like that, I would get in touch with Mike Davis. He's a forum member and the sujihiki that I have of his is absolutely amazing. I'm sure he'd be able to make you something within your budget that will blow any factory made knife out of the water. It's the blade on the...
  7. K-Fed

    Why do you love your Shig?

    I feel the same way about my rehandled tanaka... there's just something about it that makes me reach for it more often than most.
  8. K-Fed

    Suisin Inox Honyaki or masamoto ks gyuto

    Agreed. They are both very different animals. One stainless the other carbon. One flat profiled the other not as flat. One a laser the other not. One has almost unequaled fit and finish from the factory the other not. And this experiment will really help you decide what it is that you are...
  9. K-Fed

    Any fisherman in the house?

    Towed this hog out from under a bridge tonight. So happy to be fishing with daiwa gear again. I love how these reels cast/feel
  10. K-Fed

    One Favorite Knife

    Toss up between dt itk in aebl, rehandled tanaka blue 2 Damascus, and rehandled misono dragon. All gyutos. Favorite slicer is the mike Davis suji. Slicer perfection.
  11. K-Fed

    Thinking about a workhorse gyuto

    Tanaka blue2 Damascus and ginsanko are pretty spectacular for the money though the f n f isn't the greatest.
  12. K-Fed

    Media Youtube AWESOME! Thought this was good. He touches on a lot of points that people often ask when beginning sharpening.
  13. K-Fed

    Any fisherman in the house?

    Nice barramundi. Always wanted to get over there to fish for them. Oddly enough they're closely related to the snook that we fish for so often over here. Both part of the perch family iirc. How is it fishing for them? Do they hold close to structure like our snook do?
  14. K-Fed

    Any fisherman in the house?

    Did a little fishing on my lunch break off the seawall at the club with the new daiwa tatula rod n reel. Performs very nicely if I do say so myself.
  15. K-Fed

    Gesshin 400 passaround

    No worries. There aren't a ton of ya on the pass around list so no hurry.
  16. K-Fed

    Any fisherman in the house?

    Awesome to see some of us share a love for the water =). I haven't been out in a while because our water situation with the discharge from lake O' is pretty dire. There are signs up warning you to stay out of the water because of the amounts of dangerous bacteria and toxic algae in the water...
  17. K-Fed

    Any fisherman in the house?

    I'm an avid fisherman... Been fishing with my pops since I was three years old and always get stoked each year when I cast comes around. I'm an avid gear junkie in fishing as well. Just bought a daiwa tatula rod and reel. First daiwa that I've bought since the advantage hsta. Really stoked to...
  18. K-Fed

    Jalapeno Pie?

    Sounds really good too. Like that spin. Maybe make it a touch sweeter than normal so the heat is mor of a back burner kind of thing. Like Thai food. Balance of sweet salty sour and spicy. Don't know what your means are but some sort of slightly salty whipped cream might balance it all out...
  19. K-Fed

    Jalapeno Pie?

    I know chillies and chocolate are a classic combo dating back to the Aztecs. Maybe a chille and chocolate cake/ cheese cake with some sort of toasted nut element. A molé cheese cake.