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    Recommendations for calipers?

    And the carbide tipped jaws for the win
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    Recommendations for calipers?

    me I like the good stuff, so off ebay , Mitutoyo, Starrett, Brown and Sharpe.
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    Magnetism expectations in knives

    Yes, a surface grinder magnetic chuck makes the blade magnetic
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    Howto remove 2cm from the tip of my Denka?

    there are several knifemakers in Austria and the EU that could probably assist you
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    some recent work

    2x cru wear prep knife order
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    some recent work

    Nakiri order. Customer wanted a point tip
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    holy $$$$! Le Creuset!

    I'm fortunate to live in France, I buy my LC on leboncoin used, it's the equivalent of craigslist you can find vintage items such as a Raymond Loewy designs Raymond Loewy LC
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    Japanese scissors

    use mine alot in the shop need to get them sharpened
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    Instagram can take its double standard and **** off

    I’m getting tired of selling on Instagram and often think about just saying goodbye to it…
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    Edge retention experience

    Curious if anyone wants to comment on their experiences of edge retention on specifically apexultra vs z wear/cru wear. There must be a few of you who have tried both steels Thanks
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    Anyone else into watches?

    Found a pic
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    some recent work

    Two Petty’s. Laminated steel
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    Contacting Marko

    Anyone have a physical address they can share with me to send physical mail?
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    New knife help? Questionnaire

    Perhaps check with a dealer’s stock?
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    Help me understand please

    I just thinned a new knife for a customer in Germany that wasn’t totally satisfied, and he guided me as to what the problems were, and I agreed with him and it was no problem. In my defense, it was a totally new style of knife with dimensions and profile that I had never made before as...
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    some recent work

    for those not on Instagram here's some recent work
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    Contacting Marko

    No response to me since June 14