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  1. nexus1935

    WTB WTB Shibata 195 Battleship

    In stock at Miura right now:
  2. nexus1935

    Knife findings

    15% off everything at Cutting Edge Knives during their summer sale
  3. nexus1935

    Show your newest knife buy

    Where did you pick that up @tostadas ?
  4. nexus1935

    SOLD Kagekiyo Ginsan 240mm Gyuto

    Sold, thanks KKF!
  5. nexus1935

    Withdrawn Nihei SLD Nashiji 150mm Petty

    For sale is a Nihei SLD Nashiji 150mm Petty, with chestnut handle and ebony wood ferrule. The nashiji finish leads to a mirror polish finish (see pics), and the spine and choil are polished as well. This is a catch and release, as I picked this up on BST because I like the line (I have a 240mm...
  6. nexus1935

    SOLD Kagekiyo Ginsan 240mm Gyuto

    For sale is a Kagekiyo Ginsan 240mm Gyuto with original walnut handle. Fit and finish on this knife is excellent, with chamfered spine and choil, and a nice migaki finish that blends into a hazy finish before the core steel (see pics). Stropped once on a Chosera 3000, never sharpened. Letting...
  7. nexus1935

    Watch Suggestions

    Marathon Watches has a wide range of military-spec watches, including 34-36mm field watches around your price range:
  8. nexus1935

    Mid-tier ginsan knife?

    I'm in the Shigeki Tanaka camp as well for ginsan at that price point. I have the 210mm gyuto and 150mm petty, and they could be the only set of knives I use. Good cutters without being fragile, and easy to sharpen.
  9. nexus1935

    WTB HADO "Sumi" B1, Damascus Kurouchi, 180mm Bunka

    Not in EU, but they ship worldwide:
  10. nexus1935

    Knife findings

    10% off at Chef's Edge right now, applied when you add to cart
  11. nexus1935

    esoo tries to make a wa handle

    Eager to see your progress @esoo . I've been thinking about a DIY handle too, but haven't taken the plunge. This thread will certainly be helpful in getting me there!
  12. nexus1935

    Jedy gives away a Komorebi Gyuto

    Not in, but kudos to you for the generosity!
  13. nexus1935

    Cutting Board Giveaway

    Congrats to @WildBoar and thanks again @OwlWoodworks for the generosity!
  14. nexus1935

    Cutting Board Giveaway

    Wow that's stunning. Count me in please!
  15. nexus1935

    Knife findings

    Thanks for your thoughts @tostadas Sounds like a decent performer, and considering the save30 promotion, it's less than half the cost of an Ashi. Good thing the promotion's over though, otherwise my restraint would really be tested...
  16. nexus1935

    Knife findings

    I was looking at that line, how would you compare it against an Ashi Ginga stainless?
  17. nexus1935

    Takada finish question. Is this kasumi or suiboku?

    From the pics it looks like the kasumi finish. Another way to tell them apart is by touch - the suiboku finish has a polished smooth feel too it, while the kasumi finish has a sandpaper smooth feeling (as @blokey mentioned).
  18. nexus1935

    Knife findings

    They're available at Carbon Knife Co as well: