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  1. JohnnyChance

    High-End Carbon Steel Pan Recommendations?

    My 35cm Darto Paella lives on my stove top and gets used for basically 80% of my stove top cooking. My (also very nice) Smithey cast iron and Mauviel carbon steel pans go unused. It is still very flat. You could also try their new 30cm 4mm thick saute pan. Only other 4mm pan they make currently...
  2. JohnnyChance

    When your wife gets ahold of your cast iron skillet...

    I used some EasyOff. Still required multiple applications and scrubbing.
  3. JohnnyChance

    When your wife gets ahold of your cast iron skillet...

    I use hot hot water and dish soap with either a scrubby sponge, stainless steel scrubby or piece of chainmail to clean my carbon steel pans (and cast irons but hardly use them anymore). Any coating that comes off is generally just a superficial layer of burnt oil and not actually properly...
  4. JohnnyChance

    WTB Kato, Kaiju, Takeda Classic AS (old grind),

    I have a Kato Honesuki I might be able to let go of.
  5. JohnnyChance

    WTB Aritsugu A-type

    I have a 270mm, but it's kinda funky.
  6. JohnnyChance


    True, but they specifically mention how these carbon knives vary from stainless and how to care for them.
  7. JohnnyChance


    Yeah, that is very likely. I'm not sure why they went through the effort of explaining was carbon steel knives are and then list only stainless steel knives though. "If you’ve heard of carbon steel knives, chances are you know that they require more upkeep than their stainless-steel...
  8. JohnnyChance

    FYI Enjoy!
  9. JohnnyChance

    WTB 210mm Stainless Gyuto

    Looking for a 210m range stainless or stainless clad gyuto for a friend. Sub $200 budget. Let me know what ya got. Wa handle, light weight preferable.
  10. JohnnyChance

    WTS Heiji, Kagekiyo, HHH, Tojiro, Munetoshi

    Munetoshi sold. All reasonable offers considering for the Heijis and Tojiro.
  11. JohnnyChance

    WTS Heiji, Kagekiyo, HHH, Tojiro, Munetoshi

    Kagekiyo sold. Bump for everything else.
  12. JohnnyChance

    WTS Heiji, Kagekiyo, HHH, Tojiro, Munetoshi

    Tojiro/Munetoshi available again.
  13. JohnnyChance

    WTS Heiji, Kagekiyo, HHH, Tojiro, Munetoshi

    Updated Quicklist + Pricing: Gesshin Heiji Gyuto - $375 Gesshin Heiji Petty/Suji - $300 Gesshin Kagekiyo Petty/Suji - $350 HHH Chef - $SOLD Tojiro ITK Bread + Munetoshi Butcher - $125 +$20 insured CONUS shipping, international available at extra cost
  14. JohnnyChance

    Grind preference

    Does anyone like flat ground knives? I like all types of grinds, great for variety and different applications. Regardless of grind or thickness at the spine, the main thing I look for is thinness behind the edge. Universally, if you get it thin enough just behind the edge, the knife will...
  15. JohnnyChance

    Anthony Bourdain's custom Bob Kramer knife at auction.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this goes over $100k.
  16. JohnnyChance

    Inch to cm measurement inconsistencies

    Can't remember the last time I bought a knife that was listed in inches. Honestly would be a red flag if it were. Also, sometimes the titled length description is bolster to tip instead of actual edge length. Basically any measurement used in the title or overview, be it 10" or 240mm or...