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    Freshest Coffee to Order Online

    I had taken ethompson's advice a while back and tried a bunch of black and white coffees. Their house blend medium roast is really great and tastes like coffee coffee, quite awesome. I liked their anaerobic stuff too. I've been trying a bunch of other roasters too; there's just so much out there.
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    Cerax 320

    Yeah my old cerax 320 was super soft and fast and blue. These newer ones are whiter, harder, slower, less porous, less thirsty, have mud binder inside or something. I liked the older one because it cut everythinggggg
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    WTS Shirou Kunimitsu 247 mm white 2 gyuto

    I have a tiny shiro kunimitsu ajikiri. The white 1 is definitely on the harder side of carbon steel heat treats. It's harder and aggressive feeling, and somewhat difficult to abrade. Not as hard as TF white 1, nor as glassy or fine edge taking, or easy to polish. More aggressive edge taking...
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    Withdrawn A Formerly 240mm Nakagawa Ginsan Gyuto

    I've done this... A couple times. Go ahead and work on it, to learn about stuff. And yeah, I've done it on a knife of similar cost
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    @Rangen Yep I've done it lol. Burrs can get pretty huge actually, foil-ey messes and chunks. Coarser stone and more time spent without properly removing the burr leads to larger nastier burrs
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    Recommendations for calipers?

    Yeah go to ebay. I use a mitutoyo digimatic that can display in/mm. Lots of new stock. Up to you if you want analog vs digital. Digital battery changes -- ya gotta turn off the caliper or the battery runs out
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    Diamond stones

    @Hassanbensober Old thread, but I also found a sanwa kenma 1K, more worn though. Compared to JKI 1k resin diamond, the sanwa is more dense and perhaps slightly harder. It is less porous of a surface compared to the JKI one, so I think it cuts slightly slower, but the sanwa cuts more fine or...
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    Monosteel western handle Gyuto discussion thread

    I've seen really old misonos with katakana and they are so darn thin in their choil shots.
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    I always try to check performance, and also feel with fingers. I briefly go to higher grit to remove any stiction from a dark kasumi that might be present
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    What Is Your Go-To Coarse Stone For Heavy Lifting?

    I thinned knives quite a bit. The use is 80% thinning or wide bevel sharpening. Yeah thinning really wears down any stone much faster Also don't chip your BBB diamond vitrified lol.
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    If you could only have one gyuto for the rest of your life..

    Given the option of ordering direct vs via Michael I would recommend via Michael for WAY more context and language help and all sorts of customer service benefits. Speaking from experiences trying the other routes, if Michael offers it, it's a better experience. . . No stupid proxy deflecting...
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    What Is Your Go-To Coarse Stone For Heavy Lifting?

    I did another measurement, using plastic food wrap from Costco. I used one layer to wrap the top of the stone, and one to wrap the bottom and then used a micrometer. I measured the cling wrap double-layer and it was 0.02-0.03mm thick. The micrometer I had didn't get all the way to the stone...
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    What Is Your Go-To Coarse Stone For Heavy Lifting?

    Taking some quick measurements, my BBB 400 after a year of use is 23.28mm tall at the ends of the stone and 22.98mm tall at the stone edge in the middle of the stone. Measured with mitutoyo calipers. I can't measure the dishing in the very middle of the stone with my mess-around with calipers...
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    Monosteel western handle Gyuto discussion thread

    @blokey Also wouldnt necessarily trust a choil shot only. One Ashi nakiri I have has a thinner choil, one Ashi nakiri has a more thick choil. The thicker choil one is ground thinner the rest of the blade. The thinner choil one was ground thinner mainly at the choil. Stuff like that
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    Monosteel western handle Gyuto discussion thread

    @blokey Had a like new gesshin ginga 240 (forget if stainless if not) that was that was oddly thick behind the edge, similar experience and choil shot. Didn't cut well until thinned I had a Ashi ginga 270 gyuto white 2 that was great however Also 2 western handle nakiri that cut well I had...
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    Notable makers primarily using stainless cladding w/carbon core - why?

    People who buy carbon knives are those who tend to put up with inconvenience for possible performance or aesthetic benefits. Carbon clad knives are more common in hand forged knives in Japan, by far with single bevels. Steel and carbon cladding are easiest to forge weld. Most people don't want...
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    Monosteel western handle Gyuto discussion thread

    @enchappo You could ask them to reprofile it and thin it to geometry again. Or do it yourself. Or disclose to them, but do it yourself too. It's a ... Surprisingly common thing on edge profiles. Unshu yukimitsu, Yoshikane, hinoura, I've seen all have that edge profile recurve or overgrind...
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    Tadokoro Hamono W2 165mm Deba

    Doesn't matter all too much where you start, you'll feel for whether you want bigger or smaller. Deba sizes I have owned ... Uhhhh, 105mm, 120mm, 150mm, 165mm, 180mm, 210mm, 240mm (mioroshi and thinnish deba). As long as you can use it on fish that size, or poultry that size. I think @Greasylake...
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    Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #1 240mm WRECKED

    I've had a relative chip a denka 270mm gyuto 2mm deep and me, I chipped a iwasaki kamisori stropping early on in my knife use. That's why aframes has that disclaimer about the kanoyama strop linen break in with nagura and washing. He put it up after me messing up with that, trying to follow the...
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    Japanese web info list (Don't know why it turned to gibberish) Hardware wholeseller list