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  1. stringer

    Why is that one store not allowed to be mentioned on KKF?

    And some dramatic people feed on knife forums.
  2. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    Before you start down the natural path I would get a Super Stone 12k. Easiest, most affordable razor finisher you can find. After you get decent edges on that you will have something to compare your natural finishers to. And it is a great setup stone for any natural finisher.
  3. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    Thanks. I am aware that they are most likely Tanifuji designs. They are quite special to me. One of the yellow capes is in a dead tie for my favorite razor with my filarmonica especial 14. My two daily drivers lately. I really think the mid Century Japanese folders are the pinnacle of straight...
  4. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    I have seen that before but couldn't remember where. Thanks. They got all the Iwasaki and Tanifuji info.
  5. stringer

    Looking for a hard 1000 grit stone.

    I don't use mine much anymore. I mainly go from India/crystolon/diamonds to natural finishers. But they were indispensable for the fifteen years I was really cranking in the kitchen. Went through several 500s and 2000s
  6. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    Ok, so here's what I found in my horde. I have three Capes that are all labeled Swedish Steel. I have one Star Reito that is labeled "Special Steel" in English on one side. The other side has Japanese characters that I think someone translated for me as "Yasuki Steel" at one point.
  7. stringer

    German Style Chef's Knife Recommendations

    @Desert Rat uses something like this I think.
  8. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    Just marketing. Hitachi and Yasuki are the same thing. I have given away/sold a few of mine that are marked with kanji. I still have at least one. I'll try and dig it up.
  9. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    Actually, it looks like they are the same thing. Yasuki is the city where Hitachi makes paper steels. They just seen to call them Yasuki for razors and Hitachi for knives.
  10. stringer

    lets have a new razor thread.

    It also gets confusing because Yasuki steel is also split into 3 categories white, blue, and yellow and grades #1 and #2 just like the normal "paper" steels. So when the vendor says Blue #2 they might be saying aogami 2 or they might be saying Yasuki blue 2. Hard to say. But Yasuki and...
  11. stringer

    Used Arcos better steel in the past?

    Spots like that are very common when stainless goes through the machine. A little metal polish will fix it. They bend because they have thin spines and soft steel. They all bend the same direction most likely because of however you and/or your household members are using them. They should bend...
  12. stringer


    The beauty of a coticule is it is an entire progression unto itself. Going from about 500 grit with a slurry up to about 4000 grit or beyond. I usually use them for touchups and for midgrit work for straight razors. I don't strop knives. But coticules make great knife finishers for sure if that...
  13. stringer


    I got that big girl cleaned up. She is beautiful. I have had lots of coticules. The three I have kept are vintage natural combos. Small, medium, and large (at least for coticules). Next to a Super Stone for size reference.
  14. stringer

    The Washita Thread

    I found the box. I think it's a match. Here it is mended And here she is with some of her sisters
  15. stringer

    The Washita Thread

    Ah yes, the old rosy red transmission fluid washita We have seen several of those in this thread.
  16. stringer

    Magnetism expectations in knives

    I'm not much of a polisher but I can tell you that a highly magnetized knife gets annoying when doing general sharpening. Bits of swarf are magnetically attracted to the bevel. It can be especially noticable when doing tip work.
  17. stringer

    The Washita Thread

    Hey this may sound weird but can you tell me the length and width of the box please? I think you just identified an unmarked one for me.
  18. stringer

    Suggestions on re-profiling this 4" paring?

    Looks great and that bit of protruding heel won't matter much for most paring tasks.
  19. stringer

    Notable makers primarily using stainless cladding w/carbon core - why?

    I am the opposite. I think stainless Damascus is hideous and love the look of some pepperoni pizza patina. Literally. If a knife is too reactive I will use it to slice pizza and then let the tomato sauce dry on it for a few days. Rust is never an issue with my knives. It's a constant annoyance...
  20. stringer

    Shirogami (White) No.1 & No.2 Questions...

    I have seen that before too. I feel like we have this conversation every couple of years. Sure enough From the maker: Post in thread 'MIzuno Tanrenjo Honyaki Discussion' MIzuno Tanrenjo Honyaki Discussion