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  1. xsmx13

    WTS Tyler reluctantly sells a rare Catchy Damascus Gyuto

    Beautiful knife and seller is an awesome dude, so buy with confidence. If I hadn't sunk funds into too many toys over Thanksgiving, I'd be all over this. GLWS
  2. xsmx13

    The “Line Knife”

    GG=Gesshin Ginga?
  3. xsmx13

    SOLD Snake sells a sweet slicing cleaver for cheap

    Damn that's good even for a SolidSnake sale. Still enjoying my Hyde cleaver from a previous one. GLWS though I'm guessing this is already sold.
  4. xsmx13

    WTT Bazes 240mm and Milan 230mm (Totsumen, 3rd Iteration)

    Oooh, I saw that Bazes at Crocker. That looked really nice. GLWT
  5. xsmx13

    New Grizzly Sander 2X48

    That would be a nice option to hook up a motor to. I think OBM had something similar although it didn't have the greatest of reviews from what I saw. Now I think they've more than doubled the price. I really hope that Grizzly takes feedback and experience with this 2x42 and makes a new 2x72...
  6. xsmx13

    New Grizzly Sander 2X48

    You'd know better than I if a TR Maker is a good 2x72 option and by no means do I mean to discount it. That said, the basic single speed is $1548.00 shipped to California or the upgraded model with vfd is $2130.00. That's a big bite for someone just testing out the hobby, but makes plenty of...
  7. xsmx13

    New Grizzly Sander 2X48

    The tracking definitely took some fiddling around to get where I wanted it. I've seen some of this as well, but I have to take some of it with a grain of salt. It seems like folks are expecting a perfectly setup out of the box grinder for under $400.00, are drawing comparisons with...
  8. xsmx13

    SOLD Eddworks S-Grind Nakiri (from recent drop)

    Both sad and glad I didn't see this price drop.
  9. xsmx13

    New Grizzly Sander 2X48

    I grabbed one of these for the variable speed and curiosity since they're so cheap compared to other knife-making tailored 2x48 and 2x72 offerings out there. I have a 2x72, but it's a single phase fixed speed so I wanted to try the variable speed for going up to some finer grits before moving to...
  10. xsmx13

    WTB Sub $200 Stainless/Stainless Clad Gyuto

    I probably have a ginsan or r2 version of these I can dig up somewhere, but the stainless clad aogami super version or kurokaze (white 2 stainless clad) are both under $100.00 with the blackfriday2323 35% code at home butcher, or there is the 3 layer silver3 for about $150...
  11. xsmx13

    Knife findings

    So you create a diversion, buy a cleaver with the left over money, give her the gift card and send her to the spa on the delivery day. Well played, sir!
  12. xsmx13

    Knife findings

    New Steel by Lundbergs drop by apprentice Markus Turesson: I have a go mai gyuto from Markus that I was very pleasantly surprised by. It has a slight consistent distal taper with a nice convex grind. For under $300.00, and often closer to $200, both...
  13. xsmx13

    Knife findings

    No, it adds some chromium, nickel, and ups the molybdenum amount slightly. Not sure why they make the naming so similar unless they want it to be confused with the well known Hitachi white 2.
  14. xsmx13

    Knife findings

    IMO 52100 is awesome. It's not too reactive, takes a nice stable patina, and has great toughness. It can also have some cool allow banding brought out. If not for having a handful of knives in this steel that I love, I would have jumped on it. I hope you enjoy it!
  15. xsmx13

    Knife findings

    Those bastards!
  16. xsmx13

    WTS **Price Drop 12/6** Birgersson 240 (Available) and Isasmedjan 240 (Sold)

    Well damn, I guess I should have asked about the Isasmedjan.
  17. xsmx13

    Knife findings

    Henry Hyde has 10% orders $100+ with code Holiday10: