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    Knifemakers of Note in Fukuoka or Nagasaki?

    How about Toshio Ohba/Oba in Fukuoka? Miyazaki apprenticed under him and there are write-ups about how he is the only person who services the rakes for sumo rings. Someone has been selling (flipping?) his knives on yahoo auctions recently so he might still be active.
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    The "Let's Talk About This Knife" Thread.

    How fancy are you looking for?
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    Inexpensive Aogami Super Petty

    The funny thing is that I actually quite like the edge profile of my 150mm for board work but the larger knife types look like they don't follow the same design.
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    Inexpensive Aogami Super Petty

    I do not recommend the Deep Impact petty for board work, they are baby sujihiki style and mean working over the edge of your counter as the clearance is too small.
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    Sharpening set-up at home

    I do my thinning work on an outdoor table, so my setup is grippy shelf liner -> plastic ikea tray (TILLGÅNG?) - > whetstone holder. I use a low (15cm) rectangular tub next to this for soaker/cleaning duty. For lubricant water I use a 250ml plastic bottle which I pushed a nail through the lid...
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    A Knife Only A Redneck Adoptive Father Could Love...

    What's that funny looking thing on the tang?
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    JNATs and powdered steel gyuto, any success?

    I successfully touched up my SG2 Kobayashi knife on my Yaginoshima suita (4/5 hardness) but the swarf looked like it contained a fair bit more stone slurry compared to a normal sharpening. The next time that I used the stone was for a white paper steel knife and it seemed like the...
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    Is this an Itsuo Doi?

    That background is Ikkyu. @cdunn, do you have experience grinding blades? This is the choil shot, not the spine:
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    Knife findings

    Stainless KU Mazaki: Has this combination been available before?
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    Unpopular opinions

    A sharpened spatula?
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    Japanese Knife Tier List

    I vote the Takagi honyaki - to see what your virtually unusable grading means and to get ideas of where it was usable. (I've found mine to good for slicing /dicing raw meats)
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    Knife findings

    If you buy it then it would only be 40% of your collection. :D
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    Knife findings

    I've used Chefknivespro in the past and received the knife ordered. Quality control was bad and I had to send it back, but product was real.
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    Knife findings

    It looks like there's a second batch up
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    Looking for recommendation for dishwasher-safe 6-7" general purpose knife

    I have an alternative approach: less edge retention but easier to sharpen! If you get a wooden handled Kiwi knife then you won't feel bad about it going through the dishwasher & it will be thin enough to have good cutting performance afterwards and you can hone it back up easily.
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    Hitohira TD SLD Tsuchime Gyuto 165mm or Honesuki?

    Is this it?
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    Jedy gives away a Komorebi Gyuto

    I'm in,thanks for the opportunity!
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    Anyone bought from Hocho Knife?

    I bought a Kei Kobayashi knife from them and it arrived looking fine from the outside but the packaging inside the knife box wasn't up to standard so the handle lacquer had rubbed a bit against the roof of the box and made a dull spot. If someone is unlucky it could lead to worse damage on...
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    Cutting Board Giveaway

    'in' Glad to hear that you feel so welcome here!
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    Chef knife to Santoku conversion

    Do you have an angle grinder (paging @inferno)