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  1. pgugger

    Who does the best Kurouchi?

    I like Mazaki on the rough thick end of the kurouchi spectrum. It feels durable (TBD) and evokes the rough conditions that the blacksmith works in. I also like Jiro for its subtle aesthetic.
  2. pgugger

    WTS Shirou Kunimitsu 247 mm white 2 gyuto

    Like new, used just once or twice for some test cuts, never sharpened. Interesting knife with an axe grind from a sword maker. Great food release, with the tradeoff on cracking hard produce, as you'd expect. It is meant to be sharpened like a Takeda with bevels flat to the stone and zero grind...
  3. pgugger

    Watanabe/Toyama - Nakiri question

    I have had all three and still have the two Toyama-branded ones. My belief is that the Watanabe and Toyama KU nakiris are the same… probably Toyama makes the Watanabe nakiri. I have no inside info though. Just a comparison of my particular knives. The Toyama Kasumi is similar but ground slightly...
  4. pgugger

    Knife findings

    Does anyone know if these are same as his Professional line (which are either similar to or made by Toyama)?
  5. pgugger

    What are we watching lately?

    Agree with Severance and Ted Lasso. Would add Silo… and Dinosaur Planet if you enjoy nature shows or dinosaurs.
  6. pgugger

    DARTO carbon steel pan review

    I picked up one 30 cm unused from BST here and so far I like it quite a bit. Well made and designed. My main complaint is that the edges could use some filing to smooth them out a bit. I’ve had a Matfer one and have been really frustrated by the bottom warping… it’s now stuck with the center...
  7. pgugger

    Favorite 1k stone?

    Naniwa Pro 800 is my favorite so far. I have the Bester 1200, Cerax 1000, Gesshin 2000 and Shapton Pro 2000 as well. All nice in their own right.
  8. pgugger

    Show your newest knife buy

    Merion Forge 245 x 55 mm wrought and 1.2562 with Osage orange and horn handle. A little patina from a few uses. Already one of my favorites.
  9. pgugger

    SOLD Some Wa Handles (Hierloom Fit, Kipp, Birgersson) and Shihan Edge Guard

    If you decide to split up, I could use that edge guard!
  10. pgugger

    2nd most used kitchen item?

    Oxo tongs, ebony spatulas for sautéing that I got in Mexico, and of course my end grain cutting board. But maybe I need some chef presses, given all the praise above!
  11. pgugger

    What’s your favorite beater knife?

    Like others, I don’t open cans or go through bone with any of my knives, but my beaters are an old Henckels I inherited or my CCK 1303.
  12. pgugger

    Who makes the overall most comfortable handle?

    Yes, but only on a petty. Really nice handle custom fit to my hand. Something special. I was actually going to add this maker to this thread but you beat me to it. Otherwise I like most generic octagonal or D shaped wa handles. Burnt chestnut might be my favorite all around; I have JNS, JKI...
  13. pgugger

    WTB Cork-lined edge guards

    Where do people buy these now that ShiHan no longer sells them? I am looking for one for a 210 mm edge length and one for 175 mm.
  14. pgugger

    Toyama Question

    I have a Toyama KU nakiri from JNS and a KU gyuto from Zahocho. No difference in F&F I can detect. I also have several other Toyama in stainless clad and damascus from JNS and OCNK. Again, no difference in in F&F. Finally the Watanabe Pro KU nakiri I used to have is about the same as the JNS...
  15. pgugger

    Knife findings
  16. pgugger

    Munetoshi redundant???

    I had been eyeing these a while ago but didn’t want to pay for the “custom” handles. Nice to see the option for a simple handle along with a decent price. I may finally give it a try. A bit skeptical of it because of the thickness, though, to be honest.
  17. pgugger

    Toyama Question

    I have both stainless and Damascus clad (and stainless Kurouchi). Damascus is noticeably more substantial, toward the workhorse side, but it’s not a huge difference. My guess is that the Damascus is like the old iron clad workhorse that used to be made and continues to be revered. I am not...