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    Kenji Togashi Custom Honyaki

    Im pretty sure that suishin (for ikkyu) just left out the winter bit when they placed the order with togashi. Asking for taper and maximum banding and all that is also always likely to not get passed on or rather it gets toned down. Heel thickness is fairly safe to specify, weight hasn’t worked...
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    Shirogami (White) No.1 & No.2 Questions...

    Nope. No stamp. Will not take the sellers word for it, it needs to be stamped 水本焼. That hamon looks oil and ikeda white 3 is oil. Suishin do the same blade as well. Regarding the mizuno thing descriptions in Japanese are inconsistent. Only miura refers to the dx line honyaki as water quenched...
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    Shirogami (White) No.1 & No.2 Questions...

    That’s true in general but he does not specifically refer to honyaki. Find me a white 3 water honyaki and I will shut up. As I said, awase white 3 water quenched knives are perfectly normal and widely available but why no honyaki? Also nostalgic to see osakajoe. Full of himself as can be.
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    Shirogami (White) No.1 & No.2 Questions...

    Ok I see how it sounds illogical and uninformed but it’s definitely a thing in Sakai. Awase white 3 is fairly easy to water quench while white 3 honyaki are always oil quenched. Does anyone know of a white 3 honyaki that’s explicitly sold or marked as water quenched? I don’t know any.
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    Shirogami (White) No.1 & No.2 Questions...

    For some reason you can’t really do water quenched White 3 honyaki, it reliably cracks every single time, micro and “macro“, which is why everyone does it with oil. Any idea why? It has to be the faster quenching but I wonder why white 2 can take it and white 3 can’t.
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    Howto remove 2cm from the tip of my Denka?

    I’d sharpie the shape you want on it and send a pic to elwin at rangelrooij. You said you live in Europe? He can do all sorts of grinding quickly and professionally so he’s who I’d ask. Maybe he’s a bit busy but a message with a picture will get you a response normally.
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    Fixing a “wavy” edge

    That can be fixed at 220 grit and 45 degrees without much trouble. It will take ten minutes I’d say. The subsequent thinning is gonna be more work but I’d start at 220 again. Depending on how thin it is right now you may even get away without thinning and can just use the thicker secondary bevel...
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    Identify knife / translate

    Can confirm ikeda, it should be an oil quenched blue 2 honyaki. Nomura is likely but can’t say for sure. He is really the only one except ino though. The engraving is by Ino. Handle most likely by Tatsumi.
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    JKI Izakuchi

    Aren’t those all Hokiyamas? They have a few different grinds and finishes for their different lines but they have a few distinctive features in common. Hokiyama make good knives and they’re an actual maker, not a glorified reseller. Almost everyone in the business is carrying their products...
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    Crooked handle install: what's your tolerance for error?

    1mm off is perfectly fine. I’d personally fix the 4-5mm one. If you send it back all they do is bend the knife at the ferrule (or as far back as possible, assuming the blade is straight) using a bending stick. If you do it yourself you may end up bending the blade depending on your tools so I’d...
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    r/chefknives NEEDS to return

    It looks a bit tedious but pretty peaceful. Answering dumb questions over and over creates basic knowledge and that’s important as well.
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    r/chefknives NEEDS to return

    Has it all blown over now? What happened?
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    Knife findings

    Enishi tomo is selling okishiba honyaki on insta. Two fujis.
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    Flipper alert

    Oh that’s a good one. Single piece of steel lol. He collects Doi stuff so I thought he had a bit more of an idea what he is doing.
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    The "Let's Talk About This Knife" Thread.

    Definitely hokiyama. Brand is tsunehisa. Another thing: could it be that literally all Yamada wrought iron knives the guy made went on BST? He needs to practice with normal steel first before wasting all that precious chain on fat axes that not even enthusiasts will hold on to. His hagane...
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    The "Let's Talk About This Knife" Thread.

    They mask off the blade after it’s all polished and then do the glass blasting. After that you peel off the Sakura sticker and you’re done.
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    Knife findings

    Well then, if you say so and you refer to the man in the familiar that settles it, doesn’t it. It’s just weird that neither Bernal nor others would include it in their descriptions. Do they just not know? How would they not be told? The normal river jump ones are also not conclusively described...
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    Knife findings

    If it is then they certainly failed to get that point across. It’s not mentioned at all, just “forging of the cladding“, phrasing wise that does not even imply hand laminating, just hammering and maybe twisting. Sorry but if the knife has more to it than meets the eye they better be more...
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    Knife findings

    I know it’s tamahagane but is that really all there is to it? The same thing as a normal river jump would be 1500. Pay 3000 extra for 50 grams of tamahagane that’s all but hidden by the cladding so it doesn’t even look the part? Nah. I could see the price for a honyaki type deal. That said...
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    Knife findings

    Is that just his regular Damascus cladding? If so, meh. It has “gaijin will buy anything“ vibes going on.