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  1. captaincaed

    Chipped whetstone

    Well.if you need a sharp pizza cutter, the corollary must read that you need a sharp ice cream scoop. I haven't seen a sharp beer opener, but I hear a research grant just opened up to study the issue.
  2. captaincaed

    Chipped whetstone

    Another, with multiple sanded facets and pock-marked spots where inclusions were dug out. I use this for razors, rather touchy work. But it's a stone worth keeping and it's never hurt an edge. You'll get the hang of working around these things, and the benefits of improved techniques will be...
  3. captaincaed

    Chipped whetstone

    This sucker is in active use. Flatten it, sand the corners of the chip so it doesn't have a sharp lip, then use as normal. It's part of the game. You'll glide over gaps with a little care.
  4. captaincaed

    Cpm 10v gyuto passaround

    For me, a workhorse needs to be able to keep a constant rhythm when I'm going through big batches of produce. The two barriers to this for me are thickness behind the edge, behind the tip, and backside sticking. If I tell my right hand to cut like a metronome, I want my left hand to keep up with...
  5. captaincaed

    Looking for a hard 1000 grit stone.

    From time in razors, I'll say the shapton pros are very hard. The 1500 finishes closer to a "true" 1k e.g. Naniwa. It's a pain to flatten, but stays that way, which is important for razors. Wouldn't give a really toothy edge I think, but meets the "hard" criteria.
  6. captaincaed

    Hello from Bend, Oregon

    Welcome. My father is a vet living in central Oregon, and I'm a software engineer (sort of, long story) as well. Post a thread any time, always good to hear from new folks.
  7. captaincaed

    What do you have on your wrist?

    I'm here to help you justify 🥰 "How could I say no to a mint pair of out of print Dynamic Judo books that I've been seeking for a decade? Whelp coti, it was nice knowing you!" Cesar Valverde?
  8. captaincaed


    With good reason. Wait now hold up. A challenger enters the ring. I will say that coticules are often a safer bet. I think you need a pretty good education in Jnats to get a really good one. I've only been disappointed in a coticule once. But I'm ready to learn more and have my mind changed...
  9. captaincaed

    Knife findings

    @BillHanna 😘😘😘
  10. captaincaed

    Knife findings

    I can't speak for others, but I would give a knife like that a glowing review.
  11. captaincaed

    Miura Vitrified 400

    Is it a diamond stone?
  12. captaincaed

    Sharpening set-up at home

    Every project implies, nay, mandates, a trip for project-specific tools.
  13. captaincaed

    Belgian Blue Whetstone

    That's absolutely fantastic. I think you've found a side-hustle calling!
  14. captaincaed

    Show your newest knife buy

    The new Birgersson I bought tried to buy, that was sniped out of the cart.
  15. captaincaed

    The Washita Thread

    I think I'm going to like this one, oh yes. Loaned this knife to a relative to debone a turkey. After 2min of light work, cleaned up all the damage. Took longer to make and upload the video. Naturally out of focus.
  16. captaincaed

    The Washita Thread

    Oh nice write ups! For anyone else on the hunt, a Woodworkers Delight is live on the bay right now, not a crazy price, esp for UK buyers. This one has a brindled semi-opaque semi-translucent thing going that's present on my favorite unlabelled washita. It's a fast, consistent cutter that leaves...
  17. captaincaed

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    "A few" What a flex.
  18. captaincaed

    Unpopular opinions

  19. captaincaed

    Notable makers primarily using stainless cladding w/carbon core - why?

    AEB-L mono is for grown-ups who've graduated from the "omg do my knives have the right cladding" vortex.🌶️ It's just the right steel for a western kitchen. Yes you need to heat treat it properly but when you do? 🤌 Looking at you, Dan Bidinger. Incredible knife.