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  1. SwampDonkey

    Chipped whetstone

    I use an oyster knife as a beer opener 98% of the time. Just need to put it on the the stones to improve performance even more!
  2. SwampDonkey

    Cpm 10v gyuto passaround

    I just don't understand why you'd bash a high alloy? My only beef with it is I don't have diamonds to sharpen it. Fine, cool another rabbit hole to be saved for later, as a treat. Edit: I think the performance on standard synthetic stones that BB referenced early on for this knife is probably a...
  3. SwampDonkey

    Knife findings

  4. SwampDonkey

    Pretty places

    I had no idea about this! Was just working up in that area too. Looks lovely
  5. SwampDonkey

    Who does the best Kurouchi?

    Yep it is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites. 256x57 mm, 242 g. Probably best food release of all my knives.
  6. SwampDonkey

    Who does the best Kurouchi?

    Honorable mention Spåre's light grey tigerstripe ombré thing. Monosteel could affect KU color though? Yo no sé
  7. SwampDonkey

    Freshest Coffee to Order Online

    Sigh, now I'm just gonna drop 2 Shindos on coffee for the profiles that I like from all these suggestions. For science.
  8. SwampDonkey

    Cpm 10v gyuto passaround

    Town crier needs to holler this from every square
  9. SwampDonkey

    KKF counts to a million

    5173 The Crown Troll sits upon his hoard of rusty rectangle advice and shares NONE
  10. SwampDonkey

    Favorite wireless ear buds?

    I have the Sony WF-SP800N ones and really am pleased. Comfortable to wear for 6+ hours at a time, don't fall out of your ears, good sound quality for price. They are noise canceling regardless but the explicit noise canceling mode I don't care for unless on a plane with a constant ambient noise...
  11. SwampDonkey

    Cpm 10v gyuto passaround

    You can send me two to test and I'll let ya know :)
  12. SwampDonkey

    Who does the best Kurouchi?

    I lean rustic but I love Kyohei Shindo's. It's got a rich, dark color and has been very durable in my experience over several of them. It's on the smoother side. I also quite like the rugged, textured nashiji-ish KU of Munetoshi and Okubo. Both have been durable in my experience, though I...
  13. SwampDonkey

    Freshest Coffee to Order Online

    I love the B&W ones I've tried. I'm no coffee snob, just say single origins as the ones I've tried from local roasters seem to have more of the fun berry or other distinct flavor profiles than the blends but I'm open to anything. Spot on here. I don't think she's opposed to the lighter...
  14. SwampDonkey

    Why is that one store not allowed to be mentioned on KKF?

    I had great experiences at RSK up until I sent him an SG2 bunka to thin. After like a month with no word I started to bug him and then another month went by with constant excuses or saying it was shipped when it wasn't. Eventually I just demanded the knife back even if he hadn't started it as by...
  15. SwampDonkey

    Freshest Coffee to Order Online

    I want to get my mother a good variety pack of whole bean coffee as a gift since she has one of those ~$1500 machines and just runs Seattle's Best through it. We've got some good local roasters but that's not as ~fun~ since she could technically go out and get their stuff any time...even though...
  16. SwampDonkey

    Cpm 10v gyuto passaround

    There's no set definition and often folks use it as "a knife they use everyday" while others have a more set definition. Generally I think of a workhorse as thicker spined ~4mm and above, with a thicker usually convex grind, or wide bevel+convex etc. that puts some meat behind the edge that it...
  17. SwampDonkey

    Bought Thin Cleaver (carbon/iron)

    Any point in grabbing the Sugimoto 1/6 if I have a Chopper King V-toku-1 small slicer? From a grind/cutting perspective not just hoarding. I'm tempted to go full other direction and just get the big Okubo too though.
  18. SwampDonkey


    Had my first sotol experience a few months ago, I really liked it!
  19. SwampDonkey

    Cpm 10v gyuto passaround

    I'm very excited to try this out. I've been leaning more and more workhorsey lately and there are so few outside of the simpler carbons, it sounds right up my alley.
  20. SwampDonkey

    Please help me select a bottle of bourbon

    EH Taylor is good. I really enjoy Michters as well. Not a fan of Eagle Rare, I'd take regular Buffalo Trace over it. If you can find Peerless bourbon or rye that's a homerun.