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    USPS Issue,Service%20Consumer%20%26%20Industry%20Contact%20office.
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    USPS Issue

    As lot of it is contracted out so not so easy. FedEx ground is pretty much entirely contracted out. Little incentive to make good on mistakes after they happen but preventing them should be a no brainer. Do you have an open incident ticket? If not I wouldn't expect them to be proactive. As...
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    What wine are you collecting?

    The only mailing lists I'm on right now are Once & Future (Ravenswood founder Joe Peterson) and Bedrock (Joel's son Morgan). Currently working my way through some of the vintage Ravenswood that was offered up recently to Once & Future mailing list. These wines definitely hold up for 30+ years.
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    Buying Rice?

    Have been buying from the Rice Factory for a couple years now: the rice factory NEW YORK and I have developed a far better appreciation of rice and the different varieties than I had before. They get shipments in about every month or so. They also have a good selection of reasonably priced...
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    High end knife shops hurting the industry.

    Hmm, do you believe these couple of shops are controlling the flow of high end knives into the market?
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    Favorite ginsan knives

    I picked up a Damascus petty from Tsubaya in Tokyo three years ago. Had no idea what it was at the time. Staff there asked: "don't you want a knife with a nicer handle?" Didn't care so went ahead and bought it. Amazing slicer with great convexity. Such that I eventually found out togo had them...
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    Knife findings

    It's a Veblen good.
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    Knife findings

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    Show your newest knife buy

    I'm trying to keep a couple things in mind as I wait on mine: I didn't put any money down. These projects are just him practicing before making my knife ;)
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    What knife purchase do you regret?

    Probably a Heiji direct 240 swedish Gyuto as my first serious Japanese Knife. F&F was just not there. It's also bigger than I really need (it's 240++ and thick). Has gotten no use in a couple years. Finally getting around to doing some work on it. It has potential but just not a great starter...
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    Would you be disappointed with this handle?

    Wow, this sealed it for me. Looking at the pictures again it seems clear that it's glue. Looking at a different handle it's even more apparent with the white glue. So we aren't really talking about a gap as much as minor differences in...
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    WTS Ashi honyaki gyutos

    "**** you money"
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    Would you be disappointed with this handle?

    You probably could also just as easily sell it on BST at cost +shipping and fees and call it a wash. 🤷‍♂️
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    Massdrop losers' replacement buy thread

    It does beg an interesting question, what are the cowju equivalent japanese knives out there today? Thinking workhouse convex, minus the fancy schmancy wrought iron.
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    Knife findings

    Yeah, anyone who made those last minute orders in May got quite the deal.
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    KKF Massdrop IV - 田中義一 🇯🇵

    Doesn't seem like it would be a KKF mass drop knife without a handle. Standard or two choices at most seems best. If people don't like it they don't have to sign up :p
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    CCK 1102 of today

    They allegedly had to change the logo due to a copyright claim.
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    KKF Massdrop IV - 田中義一 🇯🇵

    Magnacut Myojin
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    Epicurean Edge in danger?

    This article is for you: Community Input Is Bad, Actually I am not a lawyer, but seems like this kind of write in campaign has little chance or even no chance of changing the outcome. There needs to be some legal/procedural challenge to slow or change the outcome. Rather the effort should be...
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    Knife findings

    Precisely, max budget is 3x the average price of your current knives. To up the average you have to sell your cheaper knives on BST while saying you are freeing up funds for a pending custom order from someone who has closed their books. Rinse and repeat.