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    WTS Mauviel Copper Beating Bowl ~ 5 QT

    $75 plus shipping continental US. Unused beating bowl. ~ 5 QT. Some rubbing on the bottom of the bowl. See pictures. Handcrafted of solid unlined copper. Round-bottomed shape promotes vigorous, thorough mixing. Rolled rim is reinforced for extra strength. Riveted ring for use as thumb grip or...
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    WTB Cuisinart Food Processor Stem (FP-12DC)

    Looks like there are a couple on eBay.
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    SOLD "The Perfect Watanabe Gyuto", 250mm, iron clad Blue 2

    Thank God this SOLD. I was really tempted to spend money I didn't have.
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    A question to anyone who owns a Zojirushi rice cooker

    I have a 5.5 Cup Induction unit that is about 6 years old. Never had any scratching from rinsing rice. Use it about once per week. Pot still looks like new but only use a plastic paddle or silicon spatula with the cooker. Best investment- perfect rice every time.
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    Japanese Knives Diamond stone set again?

    H Jon- Missed the original post somehow. If there's an extra set, I'll take one. John
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    Daughter Gets a Taste

    Nice plug- keep up the great work.
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    WTS: Saji R2 240 mm gyuto

    I like stag and I like R2- nice knife. If only I didn't have an Itou on order.
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    FS: Carter Neck Knife

    Funds sent.
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    Work in Progess

    Wow and WOW.
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    Coffee Grinding

    Just received a Mazzer I purchased from Jason/ AFKitchenknivesguy. All I can say is WOW. Thanks KKF
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    Julienne peeler, please recommend

    MY GF uses the Kuhn-Rikon and it works well enough. We've been getting some monster zucchinis out of the garden the past 2 summers and have been making a lot of zucchini pasta with a marinara sauce to hide the zucchini since squash is not my favorite vegetable. What we can't eat or give...
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    Have the following: She is just as I received her. I took her out of the box and oiled her with camellia oil and put her away. $600 shipped.
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    250mm Shigefusa Kitaeji Western Gyuto (integral bolster) w/Saya- $1450

    I ordered one back in 2011 from Hide and paid for it. He subsequently cancelled the order and refunded my payment (availability issues); so, this has been several years in the making.
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    FS konosuke Gyuto 240mm & Heiji 210

    Per BST: Payments - Payments, via Paypal, are to be made under the "Goods and Services" option. Sellers are forbidden to request, or require, "Personal Payments" (aka "Gift" option) for items being sold.
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    35 year old yard waste

    Wow. Which Stihl saw is that and how long is the bar? Interesting setup.
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    ACF South East Regional- Charleston

    Anyone coming to Chucktown???
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    A leather Sheath - A New Project

    Not a problem- the saya protects very well. It was after I washed my hands and handled the saya that the dye came off on my hands. Thanks.