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  1. J

    Slinging Prime Tonight

    I'm in love!
  2. J

    Hello from the tidewater

    Welcome! 3 years to make your first post.... that may be a record!
  3. J


    Clicking the little triangle in the bottom of the post generates a report of the post to the entire team- that's the best way to address something like this in the future.
  4. J

    Media Deba Sharpening

    Super! Thanks Rick.
  5. J

    14" CCK Watermelon Knife

    If it had really been 14' I would have snatched it up! Really interesting knife.
  6. J

    Blue patina

    Don't open this thread! :viking:
  7. J

    Ebay seller Has anyone used them? A couple months ago I made a purchase and had some issues with the product vs the description. I wrote a couple times and never got a reply. I sent another message and got a one word reply. The point to leave feedback has...
  8. J

    KKF Kitchen Compendium

    If we implemented a wiki here would you gents use it for this?
  9. J

    Crooked foody NYPD Pig

    NYC where the forth amendment is void. Good Luck Colin.
  10. J

    SHOT show 2014

    No need to apologize Dave. I did not read it that way at all, I was simply asking why you thought a mod might be upset because I saw no reason at all..
  11. J

    SHOT show 2014

    The northeast is chock a block with hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts.In PA the schools are closed on opening day of deer season! Daveb, I am not sure why you would be concerned about this topic? There is a big show in Harrisburg PA February 1-9
  12. J

    Paring knife prebuy

    Thanks Del.
  13. J

    SHOT show 2014

    I would love to go if it lands in the Northeast sometime.
  14. J

    Scimitar - A New Project

    It can be like sandpaper on an old brisket packer!
  15. J

    Hunter knife handle carving/inlay

    I saw a photo of Putin fishing and I swear he has this knife on his belt. I will try to find it.
  16. J

    Shiney new machine! [New Laser Engraver]

    What a great tool to have as an option. I fooled around with one in a friends shop a few years ago and had great luck with it. Glass, leather, steel, wood, plastic. All were a lot of fun to do.
  17. J

    Ready Made Honesuki & Honesuki/Petty Hybrid - True Single Beveled w/Hollow Back

    Great to hear! I was afraid I missed that all important email.