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    Chinese sweet sausage - what to do with it

    I will through a couple of links in the on top of the rice in a rice cooker before cooking the rice. When the rice is done, so is the sausage. It is also good sliced and stir-fried in Chinese dishes. I also like it in omelets.
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    Favorite Instant Ramen?

    I eat a lot of instant ramen at work. We have a coffee maker that has a hot water tap on it. I keep a bowl here at work so I am just bringing in the package of ramen and some toppings (usually Narutomaki, homemade Chashu and some fresh veg). My co-works are familiar with instant ramen, but not...
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    Chinese fried rice..

    When I was a kid I worked in a Chinese restaurant and was always fascinated watching the cooks. For fried rice they would fill a large white bucket with steamed rice and cover it with a towel and place that in the walk-in refrigerator at night to use the next day when they made fried rice. They...
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    The Art of Pho

    It was a fun shoot, after we were finished shooting the video, Kenzo pulled the bones from the starter pot that had been on the stove for 30 minutes and pushed out the bone marrow for us to snack on.
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    The Art of Pho

    Shot a video to go with a story on Pho that ran today, video includes how the North and South eats Pho differently.
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    Yum! I love pickles. I have started cutting the cucumbers into spears and giving them a quick sear on the grill before pickling.
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    Making Sushi at home

    Yea, we actully recorded a section comparing knives, but I decided to leave it out since the video was already getting long.
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    Making Sushi at home

    Thanks Pete, since the video was for beginners we decided to use a slandered chefs knife to make it less intimidating. Sorry about the music.
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    Making Sushi at home

    How to make sushi at home... including where to get the fish! I found Central Market 's secret stash of sushi grade fish. They have Tuna, Salmon, BBQ eel and Hamachi in a freezer labeled "Frozen Seafood" at the Fort Worth store. I use to have to travel to North Dallas to get the fish...
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    Pesto made with smoked pecans

    It is a Chukabocho I had custom made by Moritaka. It is 1/3 damascus, 2/3 Kurouchi with a hammer finish. Here they are adding the hammer finish. Here is a pic of the herb garden. I wrote a story about it here.
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    Pesto made with smoked pecans

    Thanks everybody, basil seems to grow pretty good here in the Fort Worth area. The garden is also enclosed with screens to help keep the bugs off.
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    Pesto made with smoked pecans

    Basil is really starting to come in like weeds right now, so it is time to make pesto! I actually make my pesto with pecans since I have pecan trees in my back yard. I also smoke the pecans instead of just toasting them. Gives the pesto a Texas twist. I also hand-chop the pesto with my...
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    Pulled pork video

    Shot a video the other day of one of our local pit guys, Billy Woodrich, fixing pulled pork. His restaurant is also going to be on Spike TV’s Hungry Investors this Sunday.
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    Have you eaten with your hands?

    i tend to use whatever is easier, I will be at a restaurant with my wife and she will be trying to get at something difficult with utensils while I just pick it up with my hands :biggrin:
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    Cooking a frozen steak?

    With the beef prices up I decided to buy some steaks on sale and freeze them.
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    Cooking a frozen steak?

    Turned out and tasted great, was medium rare from edge to edge. If the steak is already frozen I will fix it this way from now on.
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    Cooking a frozen steak?

    Picked up some choice rib-eyes that were on sale for under $6 a pound and decided to freeze them. Decided to try the Modernist Cuisine method of cooking a steak while frozen instead of thawing them out. The recipe calls for searing the frozen steaks in a pan or with a blowtorch, then...
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    soy sauce recommendations?

    Amoy gold label dark & light soy sauce is great for Chinese cooking.
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    Bone marrow, yay or nay?

    Cool, looks like most people who have tried it, likes it :)
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    Pellet grills...pros and cons?

    I have been cooking with one for years. Most of the stuff I post here is cooked on a traeger Texas grill. It functions best as a smoker and as a wood convection oven with its digital thermostat that maintains the temp in the grill by adjusting the amount of pellets being feed into the firepot...