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    Argentine Knife makers

    Hey guys. I know I've been a ghost but I'm in the process of working on opening a quick service Argentine empanada shop in NYC that will most likely be opening in the early spring... I'll be going to Buenos Aires for ten days starting Feb 14th. I found out from a friend and former member here...
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    NYC Gatherings: Diners Wanted.

    I'm in NYC and would be very interested. Currently a Chef in Hell's Kitchen.
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    The Cliche Chocolate Lava Cake

    Let me know, That sounds like a great idea/alternative. Thanks for the link and recipes, guys.
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    The Cliche Chocolate Lava Cake

    I am looking for a recipe/technique where I can make a chocolate molten lava cake that I can make ahead of time (for my restaurant) I've tried a couple, my favorite was the coulant with the ganache in the middle, except the ganache would either sink to the bottom during baking, or the top...
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    Sous Vide / Cryovac ideas and techniques

    They have a recipe for it in the Ideas in Food book, don't have it on me atm though...
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    Cooking Fish sous vide pre-service

    @marc4pt0 -- I heard rumors Richard might be moving into the Gilt space in nyc... is this true?
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    Cooking Fish sous vide pre-service

    I use zip locks because I'm actually just cooking in a circulator, not real 'sous vide' as in cryovac. For instance, I was doing a olive oil poached halibut last year where I would put the preseasoned fish in the bag with olive oil pre service, then drop the bag on the order-in and it would take...
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    Cooking Fish sous vide pre-service

    I don't have too much sous vide experience... I use it mainly for poaching sausages, lobsters, eggs, carrots, potatoes, etc. I want to do a poached fish in like a supreme or bercy sauce in a ziplock. How have you experienced cooks done this? I want to do fluke paupiettes and warm them up for...
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    Searing a Foie Gras torchon

    How do you make your torchon when you do this? Marinate and barely poach? or do you marinate and roll the cylinder at room temp? Thanks for the advice
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    Searing a Foie Gras torchon

    Need some input here. I want to roll a lobe of foie gras into a cylinder like a torchon but still be able to sear it to get the crust and serve it hot. I tried it with a torchon I currently have but the texture kind of falls apart and doesnt get a nice crust when seared, rather a mush. Has...
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    D. Martell Summer School 2012

    Who all went? My dad said most people from here?
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    How do you retain a talented cook?

    If they are a hardcore "real" cook they will work for you only to learn from you and leave once they've worked every station like a boss. This should take a good cook two years--I never expect a good line cook to stay for more than two years. If he does, he's not ambitious enough or he's...
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    Decent Cuban style black beans and rice recipe?

    and oregano. Check out Saveur's site, iirc they have a good rice and beans recipe. Love that site for authentic recipes
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    Bester 1200 & Rika 5000

    I go from a 2000 bester to the rika and I love it. Looking to get something more course for before the 2000, though.
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    Ethnic Neighborhood Assignment

    North williamsburg? Why the **** don't they just say Greenpoint? lol this is wrong on multiple levels. Williamsburg has just as many puerto ricans as hipsters. I lived in "east williamsburg" for a few years... but it's actually called Bushwick, ***.
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    D. Martell Summer School 2012

    My dad talked to you on the phone the other day and signed up actually. I am picking up a carbon gyuto to over night him tomorrow; luckily for me he is giving it back to me as a "thank you" :) :) Hopefully I'll get to meet you one day too, I'm jealous. BUT I cant wait to get some pointers from...
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    Chopped episode June 12

    Serrated paring knife :P
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    Chopped episode June 12

    Full steam ahead! Thanks.
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    Chopped episode June 12

    That sounds like a very unfortunately experience. It is TV, and I expected a bunch of nonsense... it's an industry that I never looked at with much respect, no offense to those working in that industry--but you never know the whole picture in any TV besides fiction; and propaganda bothers me on...
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    Chopped episode June 12

    I should add I'm the only person who hasn't seen it yet, I'm downloading it now on iTunes...