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    WTS Konosuke Fujiyama 270mm White #1 Sujihiki

    Pics. Also weighed it, and it comes in at 132 g.
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    WTS Konosuke Fujiyama 270mm White #1 Sujihiki

    Offering up for sale my 270mm white#1 Fujiyama sujihiki. Purchased in 2013 from Tosho, it has been used a handful of times, and only lightly stropped. It comes with a Konosuke saya, and a white horn ferrule on a ho handle. Very thin, but not whippy, and beautifully finished. I’m out of town...
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    Best bit for deep holes

    For drilling into end grain, you may look into bits meant for pen making. Their cutting geometry is specifically designed for clean end grain boring.,43243
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    What is your fave Sakai made suji?

    My absolute favourite sujihiki is my Masamoto KS, but if we're not considering mono steel, I have a white #1 Fujiyama that is just killer. If I have to find a fault, it might just be a little bit whippy for some tastes.
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    Good news for Canadians

    In my experience, UPS is fast to deliver cross-border, but charges outrageous brokerage fees on anything coming into Canada. Worse still, those fees are not included in the shipping quote, but are charged on delivery, so the recipient (and sender) has no idea what those fees might be until (or...
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    Do tell – what's the mod?
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    Will boiling vinegar alter hardness of white steel?

    That looks fantastic. I normally use bluing solution, but I might just have to try that on a couple of my nomi.
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    The New KS Inspired Mizuno Tanrenjo 240mm Gyuto

    Not seeing anything here, Huw.
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    Bunch of stones

    Bevel angles around 25 degrees are standard for kanna. If the blade is bedded lower than the usual 38 degrees (such as if set up specifically for soft woods), angles closer to 22 degrees are not uncommon.
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    Sakai laser profiles, are they all the same?

    Most I've used have been pretty similar, but Tadatsuna and Yoshihiro were a bit flatter and pointier. I miss those two sometimes.
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    D. Martell A Study In Ironwood for Kitchen Knife Handles

    Interesting to hear about your challenges with shellac (and finishing in general). I teach woodworking, so I'm always curious to hear about peoples' experiences with it. Helps me to see where people are struggling. Shellac dry time can be modified by adjusting the pound cut (lighter cuts will...
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    D. Martell A Study In Ironwood for Kitchen Knife Handles

    What kind of issues did you have? And were you using waxy or dewaxed? Waxy shellac could have issues with adhesion to oily woods.
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    D. Martell A Study In Ironwood for Kitchen Knife Handles

    Looking good! I'd recommend trying shellac for your first few sealing coats. Evaporative finishes like shellac and lacquer typically adhere better to extractive-rich woods than reactive finishes like varnish. The advantage of using shellac for your sealing coat is dry time – minutes at the...
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    Masamoto KS 240mm Gyuto KS3124 Available Soon

    Everything else aside, I definitely want to see a picture of that vintage KS.
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    Massive Japanese natural stone

    Forgot to mark this one sold. Thanks all!
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    Massive Japanese natural stone

    Alright, one last drop. $350 (shipping included).
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    Massive Japanese natural stone

    Big drop. $400.
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    Massive Japanese natural stone

    November bump. $475.