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    Japanese Knives The new store opened today

    Congratulations, bro!
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    Bar Keepers Friend... Liquid or Powder?

    Coat the skillets with oven cleaner (the original, not the "no fumes") and put in a plastic garbage bag overnight. Lots of soap and water the next day. Just about everything, including any seasoning, will come off.
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    KKF's Birthday

    Happy Birthday!!!
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    Starting things off with a Giveaway!

    Welcome, welcome! I'm in!
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    D. Martell American Cutlery Co. Chicago Refurb

    Just beautiful, awesome work.
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    +1 - Got one sitting on my counter, courtesy of mom (including the bottle of rum to soak it with).
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    Which do-it-all cleaver for my wife?

    Check out's site. Town Food Service has some metal handled cleavers that might do the trick. And a bunch of D-Rs, too.
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    Congratulations Sara and Jon on the arrival of little Kenzo!

    Congratulations guys! I'm very happy for all three of you!
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    Cast Iron Cookware

    I have a Lodge grill pan that I loved to use but was a pain to clean. What helps tremendously with getting that gunk out is a chainmail scrubber: It seems...
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    Carter Funayuki - Big Chips

    Heiji is awesome. So is the Gesshin Kagekiyo line. Talk to Jon. I'm sure he can find you something great at a steep enough price that your F-I-L will never touch your stuff again.
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    Any new flat-profiled gyutos on the market?

    I think he'd consider putting a wa-handle on there, if you ask him real nice-like...
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    Smart Fellas over here at KKF - Help me find a Ladle.....

    Pricey, but this might do the trick: I have it, and the handle angles up at about 45 degrees if the rim of the ladle is parallel to the table.
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    Which knife x 2

    Forschner knives might be worth some consideration.
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    D. Martell Gallery- Martell Knives

    Oh My Goodness!
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    cleaver sizing cck--sugimoto

    I haven't had a chance to use a CCK. I bought a Dexter not too long ago, and while it takes a nice edge, it needs thinning.
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    cleaver sizing cck--sugimoto Just type "shibazi" in the search bar. There's also a coupon code. If it doesn't work when ordering, give them a call and they'll make the adjustment before sending it out.
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    cleaver sizing cck--sugimoto

    Two Shibazi cleavers just arrived at my door today. Less than $30 total. Andy777 seemed to like them, so I'm giving them a shot.
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    Japanese Knives Tip Sharpening

    Sooooo, when are you doing the updated vid?
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    Japanese Knives Delays at JKI

    Always family first!