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    Show your newest knife buy

    Grabbed a Mizuno KS profile White #2 from the last batch. :)
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    2020 East Coast Gathering (ECG) - Sunday, April 26 in Washington, DC area

    David I've been wanting to go to one of these for a while, any cheap decent hotels close by you'd recommend? Thanks Jared
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    Thomas Keller Pavé potato?

    I have made them a few times but its been a while. They are better than traditional potato gratin, however, I wouldn't make them for a crowd. I think I left extra cream in the bowl. My advice is plan on doubling cook time and having a decent amount of usable waste if you want perfect...
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    Best budget pasta machine?

    I have the atlas machine and it is great. The kitchen aid attachment is easier, I'd get that if I didnt have the atlas.
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    Espresso machines: Synesso or La Marzocco?

    Counter culture and La marzocco is pretty much what I see around here. I also have a LM at home so I like the brand alot.
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    Ice cream Check out Jeni. I have her books, cornstarch and cream cheese in it. Really good.
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    Paul Revere Copper cookware

    Thanks for the reply, may have to pass on this one then. I don't really need them but figured if it was the real deal may be nice to have.
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    Paul Revere Copper cookware

    Photo of them
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    Paul Revere Copper cookware

    Ran across a set of copper cookware from someone on facebook market. The set belonged to the guy's grandfather and he isn't sure what it is. After looking around the net I think it is paul revere copper, from an early production run. Around 50 years old, if I am correct. SS fused to copper...
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    Audio & Video nuts

    OLED or Sony High end all the way. I am a big fan of Sony displays. For speakers anything decent will drive klipsch, I'd go with Onkyo or Dennon in the middle price range for price to performance. If you need the best then spend big cash on those AVRs flagship or grab a marantz or that...
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    Boardsmith Walnut 36 x 24 x 5 inch BUTCHER BLOCK TABLE - D.C. area

    Wish I had a need for this! Looks good, good luck.
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    I'm gonna try to go vegan for half a month.

    It will probably work, but as Labor pointed out better dietary choices may also work. Whatever works for you is the best approach though. I'll be interested to hear an update, I am curious if 2 weeks is enough time for appreciable changes and if you stopped the pill before the diet switch...
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    Chutneys and jams I also have her book at home, i usually make the double strawberry jam which has dried and fresh mixed. It is good. If you'd like I can post a pic, the recipe isn't online that I could find.
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    noob question: cooking with stainless steel pan

    Heat the pan up as hot as you want. Prep the food. Pour oil in, swirl, drop food in immediately and adjust heat. Works everytime, you must have the food ready to go in after the oil is added otherwise the oil will burn and turn acrid. Jared
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    Anybody here on a plant-based diet?

    I have been watching "what the health" the last couple of nights and will finish it tonight. I did a lot of research on raw eating and nutrition in general a few years ago. I ended up losing around 45 pounds. I was never huge but I was not as healthy as I wanted. From 225 to 185. I now sit...
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    I use milk and white bread with pork and beef, sweated onions and garlic, dried oregano. Bake refrig, slice fry in clarified butter with ketchup balsamic reduction glaze. Fair amount of work but it's so good and crusty.
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    Vanilla source?

    I order from here once every year or so I dont know if they will meet all your requirements on a quick look around the site. Jared
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    Recommendations for West Palm Beach FL?

    I'll be heading to West Palm Beach FL next week for work training. I am looking for some recs on decent food in the area if anyone has any of note. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Jared
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    Oiling your board

    Pour on oil before bed smear it around put towel on a plate beside board. Before work pour on more oil and smear around. When I return wipe on board butter using the same towels. Turn it over and wipe the rest with the saturated towel. No mess no problems. Thanks Jared