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    Anyone recognize this partial label?(Butterscotch Translucent)

    Picked up a butterscotch translucent in partial box(missing lid) does anyone know what the partial label is?
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    Makers mark ID help nogent

    I can't help you on the maker but that is in great shape besides the staining! Great score!
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    Photosensitivity in Natural Stones

    Nice thread, I may have to research my coticules more and see what they are. Boight several slurry stones and they seem to be a couple variants. Two turned dark brown like yours.
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    Magnetic knife stand?

    Thabks for the picture! I do like that design. Never messed with epoxy in that way before. Going to have to do a lot of planning for one.
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    Magnetic knife stand?

    Who here has made one? I'm not new to making magnetic knife racks, but a stand seems like a different beast due to the size. I'm thinking of making a 16"x12" For anyone that has made them, how did you go about it? Was just thinking of using a solid 1" thick board cutting a long thin strip off...
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    Belgian Blue Whetstone

    Agree, just is a natural combination. Here's mine.
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    Have you ever seen a blade this long?

    Surprised that sold for that much considering its only a 12" cleaver that someone put a longer handle on. I have a 14" bladed hog splitter.
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    Knife Shipping

    Just don't throw them in a box like some people. It amazes me that some people don't care about anything once they get your money, and just toss your items in a box. If its anything decent I wrap it in plastic wrap and/or put cardboard around the blade. I shake my head everytime I've spent...
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    13 inch, nogent, F.Dick chef's.

    I think so. Being an F. Dick sure did help though. This brand name seems to be one of the more collectible.
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    13 inch, nogent, F.Dick chef's.

    I was watching this as well out of curiosity. Unique seeing a nogent F. Dick. IMO sold for a lot more than I was expecting. Lots of deep pitting on that contrary to what the seller says. If it wasn't an F. Dick I'd expect half that price.
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    I can't believe I won this auction.

    Ha! I never even realized that! I'm now confused and looking up the same thing with no luck.
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    I can't believe I won this auction.

    I can feel your pain. I bought a lot on the bay a while back that I paid way more than I should have. Photos were horrible on listing, seller used a bench grinder on all the blades, every handle was split on opposite side of what was shown in photos. I was so disgusted I threw them all back in...
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    Removing small amounts of rust on nicer blades

    Here's my secret. Coconut oil cloths used for cleaning. This was a blade I just got today. About 1 minute of scrubbing. Could probably 95% remove the rusting if I kept going longer.
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    Umm, huge compound bevel on Harukaze?

    Yeah, I'm going to try to send them back. I looked at the gyuto again and its just god awful. I saw some on the bay(same thing different "brand" and they looked like micro bevels.
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    Umm, huge compound bevel on Harukaze?

    Well that sucks, looks like I'll be avoiding them in the future. Thanks for the reply.
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    Umm, huge compound bevel on Harukaze?

    Am I being completely ignorant on this? I purchased a Harukaze gyuto and nakiri in Aogami Super. They both are ground with what I personally would call a huge compound bevel. I know these are cheaper knives but this just seems ridiculous. Is this just how they come?
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    Bizarre (to me) Japanese Knife

    As was said, its a skinning knife. I've seen them referred to kawahagi? Somewhat similar to western skinners.
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    Breaking a handle off

    I've had luck crushing the handles in a vise and splitting them too. Rotate it the opposite way in your pic.