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  1. Beerzebub

    Hello my fellow knife enthusiasts

    Kia ora, welcome!
  2. Beerzebub

    What are we watching lately?

    A Bridge Too Far (1977) is good.
  3. Beerzebub

    Underrated foods....

    I'm a little late to the raw chili party here, but nem chua is cool. Raw fermented pork with slices of raw garlic and raw chili, what's not to like.
  4. Beerzebub

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Haha, maybe ordering online is an option. Whatever you do, skip the Lindemans!🤢
  5. Beerzebub

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Give it a try! It's not that much weirder than kombucha. At least in Seattle (e.g. Bottleworks) or Portland (e.g. Belmont Station) there should be options, maybe look for ones from 3 Fonteinen, Tilquin, Girardin (Black Label), Boon, and Hanssens.
  6. Beerzebub

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Noticed that these were bottled around the same time (April and May 2019), so had to do a side by side. I'm not picking a winner, they're both delicious. Drinking them with smoked kingfish and cream cheese.:letseat:
  7. Beerzebub

    Nao Yamamoto thoughts?

    I removed the lacquer and sliced a steak, looking better already:
  8. Beerzebub

    Thanksgiving 2023: Moodboard

    For a small Thanksgiving dinner for three this year, I braised turkey drumsticks and a Toulouse sausage with carrot, onion, parsley, and fresh thyme (would normally use celery too but it was $8 a bunch) for 2 1/2 hours, then drained off the liquid and combined that with roux for gravy while...
  9. Beerzebub

    Nao Yamamoto thoughts?

    Haha, I didn't know there's lacquer, it's not obvious like on some knives. I'll give that a try!
  10. Beerzebub

    Nao Yamamoto thoughts?

    I'll be curious to see if you think it's actually iron clad? I used my gyuto to slice a roast lamb shoulder the other day and there's still no hint of patina on the cladding.
  11. Beerzebub

    Cutting Board Advice

    Seconding 227wood as well. I bought an end grain walnut board as a gift for my parents in law in the states and it seems like great value for money.
  12. Beerzebub

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Me too, and it's better on its own than in the drink so I don't think I'll abuse it like that again.
  13. Beerzebub

    what are you drinking tonight?

    I present to you: the Top Shelf Trash 75. I think the cheapish lager works a little better, but this was not bad at all.
  14. Beerzebub

    Nao Yamamoto thoughts?

    I just got this 240 Blue #2 gyuto and have only used it a tiny bit so far. Initial impressions are that it has an authoritative feel that I like, some cracking in a big carrot but no more wedging than one might expect for a hefty knife, and feels great cutting raw and cooked protein. The...
  15. Beerzebub

    Show your newest gear!

    What does the price matter? You can just pop it on BST if it turns out to not suit you.
  16. Beerzebub

    Unpopular opinions

    My only pregunta is why isn't scrapple more widely available, it's effin' delicious.
  17. Beerzebub

    Unpopular opinions

    This has me intrigued, can tulip bulbs be prepared well or are they just bad? I love lampascioni, so wondering if they could be similar. Now this has me wondering if rutabagas/swedes can be good too, all I know about them is that after the war my grandpa swore to never eat one again and come to...
  18. Beerzebub

    what are you drinking tonight?

    I'll bet it's around if you look for it, but Spain's got a lot of great wine! Personally my favorite kind of Spanish wine is probably Ribeira Sacra, wish it was more available here.
  19. Beerzebub

    Show your newest knife buy

    And this arrived today, it has basically been my dream knife for a while so very happy to get it and Jules was a pleasure to deal with. Kippington work pony, 52100, 228x55, a little under 4mm out of the handle and linear taper to get pretty thin towards the tip. 205g. Radiata pine handle and...