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    Hatsukokoro Yoake impressions?

    Apologies just saw this. Mine has poor fit as well, it is slightly concave towards the right side and not an easy fix. Haven't used it in quite a few months. The taper is decent, Goes from 7mm to 1.5mm. Wedges through taller denser products as expected. Also the flat spot on the heel is a bit...
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    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Popped into the Victoria and Albert museum and saw this on display in the Japan section. Impressed the Hamon is still visible.
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    thoughts on Birch and Bevel Wrought Gyuto?

    I have the 250mm. Well made knife. Has a considerably long flat heel that probably runs halfway 1/3 along the blade edge. Has good distal taper, the tip is thin so slides well through horizontal cuts. You'll struggle to find an apex wrought iron knife that costs this much. When it comes to...
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    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    Gesshin Hide Yanagiba 270mm. I am at my parents house for holidays with only 3 stones, a Shapton 1000, Rika 5k and a Hideriyama from JKI. I am sharing this because I am blown away by how well the bevel is done out of the box. The whole knife bevel had only 3 low spots which you can see in the...
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    UPS Issues

    UPS is awful in the UK. Absolutely SHITE. Every single time I have had something delivered from them something goes wrong. The biggest issue was a stolen Shihan telegraph clad. I had many issues with customs charges. Drivers would show up claiming parcel cannot be handed over because customs...
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    Bought Nagura Bench stone
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    SOLD Birch & Bevel Isasmedjan Apex Ultra 230 gyuto

    Good luck with sale. I just got mine a few weeks ago and I think the steel is great to sharpen.
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    Flipper alert

    some people are crazy man!
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    Knife findings

    It's 10pm in Australia and they still have not gone on sale. I wonder if they have all sold via email.
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    J-Nat Club

    I have run the math and that's a new stone every 3 days!!!! 🥵
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    Knife findings

    It's wrought iron season it seems. KKF Massdrop. Migoto. Toyama. A bunch of custom knife makers now are pumping out wrought iron too.
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    Knives spotted in the wild: celebrity chef edition

    I think it might be Wa based on this frame.
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    Knife findings

    Mine is 300g. Beast of a knife for 240mm
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    Knife findings

    Was in stock for about 15 seconds before someone got it
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    Simon Maillet work

    Excellent knives. Go for them. Super Underated. I have two knives, one small gyuto in 26c3 and one petty in 135cr3. Love both of them. I use them both constantly. They can take a lot of abuse and are very responsive on the stones. Excellent distal taper. I wan't to get a third one from him soon.
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    Knife findings

    Got my Yoake two weeks ago and been using it daily. Mine arrived bent towards the left with a concave warp along the face of the left side of the knife too. I emailed the retailer about it but got now response. Kurouchi came scuffed in places but not rusted. I suspect these are rejected blades...
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    Hatsukokoro Yoake impressions?

    So I found a great deal in the sates and mine is on the way too. I will also share my thoughts once I use it.
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    Hatsukokoro Yoake impressions?

    From what I keep hearing, it is significantly cheaper in the states than in the Uk and to me it's not worth what they are charging, over here. Especially if it needs work out the box to cut well.
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    Hatsukokoro Yoake impressions?

    For those of you who have one what are your impressions. How does it compare to other workhorses like Toyama etc?
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Name and shame?