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  1. J

    Show us your sticks (finished handle projects)...

    Danish oil contains tung oil and truly hardens. Depending on number of applied layers it can become very shiny; almost like a laquer but in a nice way. It even makes cheap ho wood really shine. I love the stuff!
  2. J

    Notable makers primarily using stainless cladding w/carbon core - why?

    I only have issues with iron clads that are VERY reactive and unfortunately some very nice knives I had were of that kind. I enjoy caring for my tools but not slowly and carefully building up a patina with specific ingredients every time after thinning. Very nice! That´s a good thing to teach...
  3. J

    Notable makers primarily using stainless cladding w/carbon core - why?

    And a tool has to be functional in the first place, right? Otherwise it'd be no tool. That is not to say i enjoy some patina but yeah i would say the majority wants stainless. Why would the average cook (home or pro) get a knife that eventually rusts within a few minutes ot faster (aka iron...
  4. J

    Knife findings

    Probably the most underestimated shop for japanese knives. They had yoshikane, heiji and wakui long before they were cool and still under 200$. Mr. Horie has good connections with Aoki and so carries plenty of Togashi x Tosa! One of the last shops to carry kejiro dois. They don't seem to sell a...
  5. J

    SOLD Price drop 250mm gyuto in 52100 & saya

    Feel very similar about the nakiri from Michael. Best money spent and from day one I knew it is a keeper. Thanks for the review. The new profile looks really good!
  6. J

    Knife findings

    Just got a 165mm nakiri for my miss and cannot justify another smallish one.. Damn, i don't want to be sensible! It is the perfect petty for ARM! Just saying
  7. J

    Knife findings

    That mini cleaver/nakiri is so cute!
  8. J

    Howto remove 2cm from the tip of my Denka?

    Don´t know what you paid but Denka´s ain´t cheap. So you could just spend a little more and get it done by @martinhuber for example? (He is in austria) There are many other bladesmiths in europe who would do the job for you. Hate to discourage but it sounds like a job for the pros, especially if...
  9. J

    Knife findings

    Here is another gyuto weighing almost 500g: Morihei 300mm gyuto Tetogi also got a couple Morihei´s with wa-handles. Not cheap but pretty nice ones (actually there´s only very few left..)
  10. J

    Shirogami (White) No.1 & No.2 Questions...

    Every steel that is good enough for a kitchen knife (there are many) is a set of compromises. White 1 gets very sharp, hard and is super easy to sharpen (I own a Carter). 1. Looking only at edge retention is not enough. 2. if edge retention is important, you want to maximize that and want...
  11. J

    SOLD Price drop - 185mm x 53mm nakiri

    Although having almost the same knife from you this still makes me itch. Next year i will try one of your stainless knives. I wonder what you would recommend SF100 vs AEB-L. Do you still work with both? Very nice handle by the way. Refreshing to see a short ferrule executed well.
  12. J

    Show your newest knife buy

    Morihei Hisamoto AS. Needed a small nakiri for the missus and gave in to try TF AS. Steel feels nice and bitingly sharp but nothing extraordinary as far as i can tell. Profile is a bit pizza style so might have to work on that...
  13. J

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Nice construction. Safe, practical and good looking. Needless to say, the comment about the earthquake was a joke; i am not that paranoid!
  14. J

    Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

    Love the rack and the organization but can´t avoid to think that I don´t want to be in that kitchen/prep.-corner in an earthquake situation. Dust is a problem but this way you see what you have in storage which is nice. I assume you have a stepladder nearby?
  15. J

    Laser-ish gyuto

    At that budget, maybe with a tiny stretch, I would have suggested a custom knife by Michael Knot (Knot handcrafted). I asked him to make a nakiri for me that is a good performer in dense vegetables but not too light and he delivered what is my favourite knife nowadays. 185x55mm at ~180g in 52100...
  16. J

    The Effect Of “Edge Aggression” Between Steels

    I enjoyed "your 52100" quite a lot! It had an aggressive bite to it I only know from Aogami Super. The explanation probably simply lies in how you sharpen it, I guess? 52100 has quite high values of toughness and edge retention according to (was it Larrin?) so it is surprising you don´t see it...
  17. J

    New Knife Block

    Nice. Curious how it will look like! Often thought about ordering pre-cut wood and making my own block. Made some drawings but never proceeded.
  18. J

    Nao Yamamoto thoughts?

    According to Mr. Horie from Yamamoto is the successor of Masami Azai and i sure would not doubt that. He has got very good relations to lots of famous japanese blacksmiths. That nakiri looks really interesting!
  19. J

    Pizza cutter sharpening

    Have one like that and gave it an edge. It cuts the produce on the pizza better now but leaves deep scars in the cutting board. Best pizza cutter for me was a MAC pro 270 gyuto. Same knife Jamie Oliver used to wield in his Olivers twist series to cut up quesadillas. Started doing the same thing...