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    WTS Shigefusa Western Gyuto 270mm

    Shigefusa Kiya Gyuto Kitaeji 210mm BNIB Specs: Edge size: 218mm x 47mm Total size: 380mm Weight: 194g With Kiri Box Usd 2.000 Shigefusa Kiya Western Gyuto Kasumi 270mm BNIB Specs: Edge size: 273mm x 53mm Total size: 410mm Weight: 281g With Papper Box Usd 2.500 Any questions answers...
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    WTS Jiro Tsuchime Yo Gyuto 240mm Ebony Handle (#078)

    Hello Used i few times. But like New. Looking for 1.100usd. Plus shipping. Any questions DM me Please.
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    WTB Shihan And Shigefusa

    Hello I am looking for Shihan gyuto 240 And Shigefusa gyuto And Sujihiki Please send me something if you have.
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    WTB Migoto Suminagashi

    Hello I am looking for Migoto Knives Specially Suminagashi
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    Iida-tool ( is a scam site?

    Always answers the e-mails. Now he is gone. **** i Will have any hope maybe.
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    Iida-tool ( is a scam site?

    Long time maybe more than a year now
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    Iida-tool ( is a scam site?

    i have orders with him, payed I sign about 500$ twice in different orders. can't answer my emails anymore. if someone can help me.