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    WTS - EU Vintage Zwilling and K Sabatier Carbon steel chef's knives/slicer

    Hi everyone, as I no longer have time for such restoration projects, I am selling some of my vintage knives: Package price: 310 EUR (incl. EU shipping) / 335 USD plus shipping international Zwilling 10 inch chef's knife carbon steel with wooden handle (which is still in reasonably good...
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    WTS - EU James Oatley K-Tip Gyuto Custom purple burl + Saya

    Hello everyone, I have an absolute "Unicorn" for sale. It is a K-Tip Gyuto in RWL34 with a handle made of purple stab. Burl and copper mountings with matching saya. Bought here in the KKF a couple of years ago from the first owner. The knife is in good slightly used condition. The tip and...
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    WTS - EU Robin Dalman Damasteel S-Grind 210 Gyuto

    Hello everyone, for sale is a Gyuto from Robin Dalman - hand-selected and bought directly from him. Damascus steel blade 210 mm blade length Dalman-typical S-grind Handle made of dyed curly birch with a ferrule made of Swedish forest floor cast in resin Well-kept condition (see photos) - of...
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    WTS - EU Devin Thomas 240 Magnacut Gyuto with Cocobolo handle

    Hi everyone, already have some offers from US (not from EU unfortunately!). So you consider this "reserved" unless someone from the EU is willing to take this beauty of my hands :) BR, Iggy
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    WTS - EU Devin Thomas 240 Magnacut Gyuto with Cocobolo handle

    Sorry folks for the slow reply... been on a business trip for a couple of days. Ok so... 54 mm Weight is 268 g Actually not really sure how to photograph that (which side of the blade do you mean?) because there is quite a fine finish on the steel as well as on the cladding but no... that...
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    WTS - EU Devin Thomas 240 Magnacut Gyuto with Cocobolo handle

    Hello everyone, today I am offering another special piece for sale (no trades!)... my Magnacut Gyuto from Devin Thomas. The knife came directly from Devin from one of the very first batches in Magnacut (about 2 years old). The blade has a san mai construction with a cutting edge layer of...
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    SOLD Raquin 200x50 Gyuto SC145 Kasumi antique oak with saya

    Hi everyone, for sale (no trades please!) I offer today my Gyuto from Bryan Raquin. I bought the knife directly from Bryan about 7 years ago. It has a handle made of antique oak instead of the usual bog oak. The knife came with an original Kasumi from Bryan, which of course has patina by now...
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    WTB - EU or WTT Kippington Workpony 221, 225 or 240 mm

    Hi everyone, have heard a lot of good stuff and want to try it my self. Would like to buy or trade, pref. from EU or trade (options avaiable, f.e. Oatley, DT Magnacut, Shig Yanagiba, Dalman Damasteel and others...also folder/fixed) Looking forward to your PMs Iggy
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    WTS - EU Vintage Microtech Mini Socom Elite 11/2003

    Up with price reduced to 390 EUR/USD incl. shipping
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    WTS - EU Vintage Microtech Mini Socom Elite 11/2003

    Hi together, up for sale is my Microtech Mini Socom Elite from 11/2003. Blade of 154CM steel, handle black, unfortunately without packaging but with pouch. Small chipping near the chimping - otherwise good condition, see photos. Price: 390 EUR/USD incl. insured shipping within EU. Trades...