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    Knife Blanks

    Hey all. Been a while since I have been active here. I was wondering what unfinished knife blanks people are fans of these days. My Dad is looking to make some handles and sayas and would like to buy finished blades with no handles. I know some of the custom makers here offered this and I...
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    Shopping for Equipment in the Bowery

    Does anyone have advice for buying used equipment in the bowery? Places to go or avoid, where to park a Uhaul, and any other pertinent info? We are heading in there tomorrow from eastern LI and would like to pick up a stand mixer, prep tables, shelving, dish Cabinets and smallwares. Any advice...
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    Korin yanagi

    The Korin Shiro ko knives were made by suisin as of August 2013.
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    Gulf Seafood!! And hopefully fish of the world!

    MMMM nice hog fish!! Easily one of my favorites!
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    High Temp Gloves

    Around 1000F most of the time. At the beginning of the night the temp can be considerably higher just after all the coals get fully lit. But we try to avoid this. A glove is much faster to use you just keep it on one hand, we go in and out of this thing pretty quick. This is the piece of...
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    High Temp Gloves

    Don't know exactly where to post this but this seems like the best place?? I need a pair of gloves that are able to withstand high temperatures and are fairly abrasion resistant. They are not for making knives, but for use with a Josper oven in order to move the grill grates around. I had...
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    WTB 300mm AS Hiromoto Gyuto

    My former chef had a 300 Hiro Gyuto I got for him, it was his favorite knife until a month ago when it was stolen. I would love to help him out and track down another. If anyone has one they will part with PM with details. Thanks Drew
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    restaurant valuation

    Read Restaurant Succes by the Numbers: A Money Guys Guide To Owning Your Own Restaurant. Hire EXPERIENCED professionals, accountant, GM, Chef. Go work in a well run restaurant for free for a few months, if you are still interested you might think about doing some homework and going through...
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    F/S: Gengetsu, Takeda, Pierre, Del

    If I liked 210's it just might have. But the Del is coming my way and I am STOKED!
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    F/S: Gengetsu, Takeda, Pierre, Del

    PM sent on Del.... No one here was able to save me from myself. Thanks guys this is a steal!
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    F/S: Gengetsu, Takeda, Pierre, Del

    If the Del doesn't go by the time I get off work tomorrow...........:biggrin: At this price it should go quickly though
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    Fish Box?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Son, thanks for the link. Used to get them from my fish guy. My current purveyor brings stuff in white styrofoam coolers and has no clue what I am talking about when I ask them. --Drew
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    Fish Box?

    I need some help finding the white tubs that we refer to as "fish boxes" or "fish tubs". I need to purchase some for the restaurant but am totally unable to find them online or at local supply places. If anyone has a link to somewhere that sells them or knows the technical name so I can find...
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    Media Birth of a Tool

    Nice video. Just checked out his website, the axes are not as expensive as I thought they might be. The butchers axe caught my eye :viking:. Thanks for sharing!
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    Japanese Knives JKI Gear- Japanese Knife Imports Aprons

    Just another thing to add to the wishlist. In addition to knives I'm an apron junkie.