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  1. phasedweasel

    Deburring help

    Good morning. I am having a really hard time with the deburring step in sharpening. My main kitchen knife is a Yoshikane, and while I'm still learning how to freehand sharpen I've tried to stick to just using the King 1k / 6k combo stone. I just can't seem to reliably deburr the blade after...
  2. phasedweasel

    Mother-in-Law knife?

    Wustof santoku. Last time the MIL visited, she took a steel wool to my cast iron skillet ...
  3. phasedweasel

    SKD significantly harder to sharpen than CCK?

    Thanks for all the replies! I do love that CCK, it's great for about everything and comes back quick. I even like those grind marks, with the KU finish and round handle it's a distinctive knife. Ah well, I guess I must have more patience for the Yoshi.
  4. phasedweasel

    SKD significantly harder to sharpen than CCK?

    Hey all. My two main knives are a CCK-1303 and a Yoshikane gyuto, SKD blade material, from EE. I've found that I have a much easier time sharpening the carbon cleaver than the gyuto. Do you think this makes sense for these blade's materials, or is it that it's easier to hold a consistent...
  5. phasedweasel

    Rum and Bourbon.

    I really enjoyed the Mocambo 20 yr rum this summer. It was delicious neat in a glass, that smooth and interesting.
  6. phasedweasel

    What happened to the popularity of these knives?

    What do you mean by this, that the grind is too flat? I'm having a hard time picturing it.
  7. phasedweasel

    Atoma #140 = Serious Cutting Power!

    I'm curious about the Atoma's, because my DMT XC lost a lot of its cutting power after I used it to do some serious thinning on a Yoshikane gyuto (the 240 mm is quite thick at the top of bevel, it's the primary thing I don't like about it). Since then I've been wary of using the expensive...
  8. phasedweasel

    What happened to the popularity of these knives?

    Oh man, Aritsugu! Just the mention of that makes me miss KCMA. We should all get A-types and sharpen them with massively asymmetric, convex bevels :sad0:
  9. phasedweasel

    What happened to the popularity of these knives?

    Reading through some other threads, I was wondering what happened to some knives that used to be old staples, when I first started reading various boards. So, what happened? Did we learn more? Did the knife just not live up over the years? Did new, better stuff in the price range (maybe...
  10. phasedweasel

    Cut Fish With Knife

    Ah - I'm in North Carolina now, been here about eight years. We fell in love with the area and bought a house.
  11. phasedweasel

    Cut Fish With Knife

  12. phasedweasel

    Cut Fish With Knife

    It is a Dean shirt. You may brand me a Dirty ******* Hippie (DFH for short) now if you wish.
  13. phasedweasel

    Cut Fish With Knife

    My wife was taking pics and she wasn't interested in the actual cutting. Also, while I did get the two fillets off intact, it wasn't a particularly smooth operation.
  14. phasedweasel

    Cut Fish With Knife

    It's definitely a hassle when it comes to single bevel. That's my only single bevel knife so far, a simple "Hon Kasumi" brand deba from EE. Makes it difficult to snap up good deals on the forum as well :/
  15. phasedweasel

    Cut Fish With Knife

    I'm just sharing this because I'm excited: this was my first time using a deba to break down a whole fish. Speckled trout: Deba hocho: Victory!
  16. phasedweasel

    Media YouTube Knuckleheads While not a knucklehead video, fellow Japan-o-philes ought to enjoy this parody.
  17. phasedweasel

    Sister 240 in HHH Dammy

    I can't tell from the pics: is the damascus steel the edge steel as well? Also, truly gorgeous!
  18. phasedweasel


    Or how long it might take to sharpen ...
  19. phasedweasel

    What would be my top stainless gyuto?

    Wow, when I first started this whole adventure all everyone was talking about were Blazens and the Hattori FH. Let me give another vote for the Susin Inox, but I'm sorry I can't contribute anything insightful about a western handled knife.
  20. phasedweasel

    Chicken and Waffles?

    I was looking for a good recipe for chicken and waffles. It sounds simple, I know. But I have seen recipes for fried legs and thighs, and some for breaded cutlets. Some recipes put a gravy on the chicken and waffles. Some people use a more savory waffle recipe. Does anyone have a favorite...