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  1. Iceman91

    Ealy 180mm carbon petty / Kramer Zwilling Meiji 10in gyuto

    Both are gone. Thanks for the interest guys
  2. Iceman91

    Ealy 180mm carbon petty / Kramer Zwilling Meiji 10in gyuto

    Hey guys, I just logged in and have a few pms. I’m going to sort out who was first and I will send a pm to everyone. Thanks for the interest.
  3. Iceman91

    Ealy 180mm carbon petty / Kramer Zwilling Meiji 10in gyuto

    Alright guys, trying to make some room in my knife roll. First up is a 180mm Ealy Petty in 01 carbon. This knife has a snakewood and Blackwood handle. I special requested this knife to be really thin. It is much thinner than Del’s normal stock. Has a nice bit of flex to it as well. Paid $295...
  4. Iceman91

    Watanabe 240 gyuto - Kasumi vs Kurouchi

    I have a few watanabes myself. The level of workmanship on mine are very good. The finish is beautiful, fit and finish on the handle is nice too. I really really enjoy his grind. As everyone knows, they are on the thicker side, but the taper and grind is so nice and thin they cut great. It’s...
  5. Iceman91

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Tonight I’m drinking American Solera- preacher seat, out of Tulsa OK. After this I have a can of evil twin/prairie - even more Bible Belt.
  6. Iceman91

    Media Video: polish on a Dalman cleaver san mai

    Jealous of that cleaver, and those skills. Polishing and refinishing is something I have always struggled with. I never can really get a result I’m totally happy with.
  7. Iceman91

    Carter cutlery opinions

    I have had a carter 235mm gyuto (it’s a bit shorter these days) for nearly 6 years. It is in the top 3 knives I’ve ever used. Cuts amazing, the steel and HT are great, sharpens up so damn easy. Like the guys say, each one is really different but the profile on mine is awesome, similar to a KS...
  8. Iceman91

    Espresso machines: Synesso or La Marzocco?

    Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated. I have worked with the LM before at a previous job. I enjoyed it for sure. Very user friendly and consistent machine. I have heard some good things about the synesso as well, I just haven’t been able to use one yet. I’ll have to see if I can give one a...
  9. Iceman91

    Espresso machines: Synesso or La Marzocco?

    Hey guys, I’ve been looking into getting a high end espresso machine for a new restaurant that I’ll be opening soon. I’ve been doing some research and looking at some brochures lately, and I have fallen in love with the synesso mvp hydra. Really love the look of it and have only heard great...
  10. Iceman91

    How old are you guys?

    Oh man, ippudo is some of the best ramen I have ever had, and I make it a point to eat as much as humanly possible.
  11. Iceman91

    Mizuno 240mm Blue #2 Gyuto

    Ok I would really like to move this knife as I have over spent on some new projects. Final price drop to $225 shipped, will come fully polished and ready to go. Thanks for looking.
  12. Iceman91

    Mizuno 240mm Blue #2 Gyuto

    Price drop to $250 shipped. Thanks.
  13. Iceman91

    Mizuno 240mm Blue #2 Gyuto

    I think it was because I didn't have those photos public, should be fixed now? If not I give up lol.
  14. Iceman91

    Mizuno 240mm Blue #2 Gyuto

    OK sorry about the pic delay guys, i suck at this sort of stuff and have been incredibly busy with work. Here it is.
  15. Iceman91

    Mizuno 240mm Blue #2 Gyuto

    I'll work on the pictures, not sure why they aren't showing. It's the regular version. If anyone needs pics I'd be happy to email them until I figure out how to post them.
  16. Iceman91

    Mizuno 240mm Blue #2 Gyuto

    Up for sale is my 240mm Mizuno hon kasumi gyuto. Bought from japanesechefsknife a few months ago. It has been a solid knife in my rotation for the last few months, but Santa brought a lot of new knives this christmas so I am just not using it much anymore. I thinned and refinished the knife a...
  17. Iceman91

    FS: 265mm Michael Rader Gyuto

    This knife is sold. Thanks guys. Mike