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    Looking for rather unknown but great steels

    As far as I know Achim doesn't have any SC145 left.
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    Wtb stabilized olive blank

    A stabilizing company once told me olive was too oily to stabilize well. Good luck.
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    Accordion cuts on veggies

    Did you check if the flatter part of your gyuto has a slight recurve?
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    Please Recommend me a Left Handed Deba

    Epicurean Edge has a lefty Hon Kasumi deba for around $140.
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    source of tamahagane ? china ?

    Don't know about China but Dictum in Germany sells some: Link
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    Carter IP Gyuto 2k

    If he can get 2k for this one why should he bother doin' damascus?
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    Magic marker trick getting rid of the magic marker?

    I love acetone, isopropyl (99%) is next.
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    KKFer on No Reservations

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    Japanese Knives Would there be interest?

    I'm interested but I would have more use for an even coarser one instead of the fine one.
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    Thinning JCK Nashiji, what is happening here?

    Looks like the stainless cladding is as gummy as on the Hiromoto AS line. Many stones just leave a very dark finish on the cladding...
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    Carter using blue again?

    These AS may as well come from some semifinished batches he forged a while ago and just didn't finish until now...
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    Honesuki for a lefty.

    JCK has a not so expensive honesuki in their Kagayaki basic line. Should be only a little over a 100 bucks. It's not listed and you'll need to email Koki for the price.
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    I received an email from Mr. Rader...

    Did you talk that over with your wife?
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    Filling out revised questionnaire as requested.

    Suien VC is one of the "few" very asymmetric cleavers so not the best idea for a lefty....
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    Time for a new gyuto

    White is not the king of edge retention (blue is generally better in that regard, but the Kono whites are very nice knives). Can't say anything about the Yoshikanes.
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    D. Martell JKS is down...

    Win 7 is ok but 8 takes a while to get used to (well, I hate it). GF bought a laptop with 8 and I had to use google to find out how to shut the damn thing off.....
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    Might Need Help To Buy Something From UK

    I could help with Germany plus shipping to the US is not too expensive, esp. when under 2 kg.
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    Mizuno Honyaki repolish

    White Alumina I'd guess...