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    What's your most TEDIOUS prep?

    Small handmade pasta. Orrechiette, strozzapreti, garganelli. Always take me way longer than they should.
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    Novel cooking techniques and bespoke recipe sharing thread

    There is a traditional Pugliese pasta dough called grano arso - which means burnt grain essentially, in which a portion of the flour and semolina is aggressively toasted before the dough is made. It comes from the peasants picking through the wheat fields after they had been burnt and making...
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    What did you do this week?

    Joined a powerlifting gym, got sick, got better, fed some people, had my mind blown by a physiotherapist (my foot hurts because of my back), trimmed my beard and drank amazing wine twice.
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    staff meal / comida / family meal

    Pasta. So much pasta. We buy nice dry pasta for the staff, sauces are made from leftover bits and bobs. Occasionally my Indian sous will make a pretty banging curry, occasionally I'll make fried chicken and slaw. But mostly pasta.
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    Double duty: unthought of uses for gear?

    At home: I use a panini press to cook whole spatchcocked chicken. A tray of ceramic house bricks as a pizza stone for some massive thermal mass. At work: I use a sous-vide bag to soak a sharpening stone in a hurry. Works really well, air out, water in! A bent paperclip as a lo-fi...
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    MY KNIVES AND FOOD . beware pic heavy

    Good stuff man, I like your use of leaves.
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    Looking for a muddy 4k-5k stone to fit into a 1200 -> 4-5k -> 8k progression

    Keep working with your rika, if somebody asks me for a stone that produces a thick creamy slurry in that grit range, it would be my very first thought. As said above, lap and permasoak.
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    Kayne Knifeworks

    I also read Kanye knife works. Imagine the bling!
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    Media ugliest. knife. ever. These are hilarious. Make sure you scroll down to the reviews. For a minute I thought it must have...
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    Prep tricks needed

    Always know what your next job is going to be. I find I waste more time between jobs - getting containers, going to the coolroom etc - if I'm not thinking about the next job or two in the queue. A little tip, but it may save you ten minutes a day.
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    Chef's Table--Netflick Orignal

    I've really enjoyed the episodes I've seen so far. I've just started at a modern Italian place, so the Massimo Bottura episode was particularly good. There was a moment during the Ben Shewry episode that gave me the feels. Over the last couple of years, I took some time off from full-on...
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    Zanussi expierience

    I have used a Zanussi pasta cooker and stovetops for a couple of years a couple of years ago. Pasta cooker was awesome stoves were fine - although they didn't throw out a brutal amount of heat. We only used those ovens for slow braises (had a combi for service), so I cant really comment on them.
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    Getting Back into Vinyl. What Amazing Albums to Buy?

    My two most listened to records this weekend: Phosphorescent - Muchacho Ethereal, psychedelic, with some singalong moments. Both sound pretty amazing on vinyl. Darkside - Psychic Roomy, psych, guitar based ambient with a fantastic bass-game and some electronic tweaky...
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    a custom order

    I love these. I always have a palette knife in my back pocket, but I think I'm too hard on them to get one this nice.
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    have you ever sent back a bottle of wine?

    I've sent back bottles twice in my life. Once the wine was really obviously corked and the Som agreed and there was no drama at all. The other time, the wine was kind of sent back for me: a buddy of mine was our server, she chose the wine poured it, I was underwhelmed, but didn't comment...
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    Knives & Stones Sakai Takayuki Syousin blue 1 honyaki gyuto 240mm Aussie passaround

    I received the knife this morning, I'll put it through its paces and jot down my thoughts early next week. First impressions are very good!
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    Pig Jam

    Bourdain's recipe looks pretty sound. For a nice, savoury mellow garlic flavour, I'll add lots of peeled garlic to my cooking pork and then just squish that into the pork. I also like to shred the pork with my hands, rather than forks, its a visceral pleasure. I don't like adding many...
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    In market for a Gyuto, need good edge retention

    Edge retention on the Yoshikane SKD is extremely good, it holds onto a toothy aggressive edge for what seems like forever. But that knife and pretty much any of the knives mentioned here are just not suited to being sent away to a sharpening shop. With great knives comes great...
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    Tojiro DP Honesuki any good?

    I like the DP honesuki. That thing takes an absolute beating, edge retention is fine and sharpening is not a problem.
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    Knives & Stones Sakai Takayuki Syousin blue 1 honyaki gyuto 240mm Aussie passaround

    I'm keen as well, if I'm not too late, but I'll be away (and off the grid) during the last two weeks of November.