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    Favorite kitchen shoes?

    This isn’t new but I am an sas guy. I tried literally every shoe in this thread plus some and sas is the current champ for me. Everyone’s feet are so different not to mention how you work and carry yourself. I used to like Mozo before they sold out. I also liked keen and honestly still like...
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    What movies with a cooking theme would you recommend?

    I like killing flies
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    Masters of R2/SG2

    I too was following along to see if there was anything to learn. I love my ryusen which I guess isn’t a flavor many care about lately. I have no other sg2/r2 to compare although I have sharpened a few mentioned in this thread. I have more useful thoughts on sharpening them then performance...
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    Rounded the heel tip on Yoshi SKD

    Not to rain on this parade and it’s interesting to see this is a “new” thing or just something not often discussed but it is often seen in professional kitchens. I personally hate it but I get it. The thing I like about is customizing your own things to suit your needs and issues.
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    WTB Will Newham Western gyuto

    goodluck I’m not selling mine but I have been very surprised I didn’t see more interest around these parts
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    Massdrop III: Kamon

    Ya know I wish there was more opportunity to hear makers talk a bit about their process. That might be the best part of these “mass drops” bc whether I get picked or even if I don’t put my name in it’s a unique glimpse into the makers process.
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    Massdrop III: Kamon

    They will make an obvious post… it will include more facts and let you know the details for how to get a chance to purchase one. You might want to look through the old threads… you can just look at nakiri’s past posts
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    KKF Massdrop II - Xerxes

    Since I never got to join you cool people who got picked… some who were picked for both… maybe just maybe I can hold out hope that when this finally happens I can possibly find a way into one of these. Like a fungus I will lurk in the shadows. On a real note it’s just great to hear anything...
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    Do You Use Your "Expensive" Knives?

    I use them and in professional setting. I have one or two that are basically retired from use/thinning/sharpening. I use those at home now and again. I however get the pleasure of being a naive idiot. Just playing with my toys in the yard. I also somehow got into this before a lot of the hype...
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    SOLD for sale: custom TF Denka 240mm gyuto

    It been a very long time since I really thought so hard about buying a knife on here.
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    question about a sharp knife that cant cut tomatoes well

    Just a thought but why test an edge on paper if plan to cut tomato. Just test your edge on tomato.
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    Here You Go Sushi Folks...Video

    Haha imo that ochazuke is a spot on post.
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    Knife Recommendation - Dishwasher Safe and Sharpened by Electronic Sharpener

    Wait are you saying people aren’t using their tools at work.... that’s blasphemy. I personally buy the knives only for the boxes. Not long ago I worked with a guy who sported a well loved Kramer but that’s the only one I ever saw in the wild. Also the guy having knife parties with 4-5 random...
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    Box showoff thread

    I don’t know how I missed this but this site has taught me so much. First I was into knives and thought I had a knife problem. Then I was into stones and I definitely had a stone problem. Today I finally realize I was into boxes the whole time.
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    What non-knives do you use regularly?

    Man this is a fun thread. I carry so little anymore. Honestly I carry more legit tools anymore. The kitchen tasks sure exist but fixing ridiculous **** like the breaker bar or the drain for the pasta cooker or the pilot on the fryer isn’t working right or the rivets on the pot we use are too...
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    Should I mirror polish my original DT ITK 270?

    Haha ok. Well I’ll leave ya to it. If ya do this I’d love to see how see cuts.
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    Should I mirror polish my original DT ITK 270?

    Ya his 52100 is what I was after. I recall the history the original aeb-l are also slightly shorter on the edge. But curious if you are gonna do a mirror polish how do you go about it? Will you slightly convex it to battle the stick? If you are doing it all by hand sanding you got my full...
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    Should I mirror polish my original DT ITK 270?

    I agree with barmoley. I got a 270 dt which has a great patina. I wouldn’t trade patina for polish. I have thinned it a bit over the years but I use it a lot.
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    Largest sized spider strainer?

    Why not just invest in a stock pot with a spigot? I’m not sure what “massive batch” means but imo that’s by far the fastest easiest way to go.