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  1. Taurahe

    WTS Shipwrecked mule mugs !!

    I mean .... I can put them on a frigate heading for the eastern passage and spices.... How far do they have to go ?
  2. Taurahe

    WTS Shipwrecked mule mugs !!

    Like cocktails? Wish you were a pirate ? Well then these are for you !! Shipwrecked mule mugs !!! Drink your rum in pirate style and be the cool kid on the plank. Hand wash only. These are made by me. I get board and my ADD kicks in. $25 shipped / pair
  3. Taurahe

    Looking for Western Maker Recommendations

    I have been super impressed with my Verissimo .
  4. Taurahe

    New Japanese Knife Suggestion for New Person

    Kai Wasabi knives have always been , and always will be , my solid first knife suggestion. No frills , easy to maintain , take a wicked sharp edge and edge retention is quite good for the level of knife. The only knife in the line I do not recommend is the chefs knife..... It's a very European...
  5. Taurahe

    Some shots from the eclipse

    I am lucky enough to live in the path of totality . Got some awesome shots of the eclipse today . Took these from my back yard.
  6. Taurahe

    Unpopular opinions

  7. Taurahe

    Unpopular opinions

    I'm as round as it gets.... Love my rectangles
  8. Taurahe

    Unpopular opinions

    People need to do less searching for something to complain about, and More enjoying of their hobby.... Searching for that perfect performing knife is stupid. Spend more time cutting stuff up
  9. Taurahe

    SOLD Used but almost new knives - Nigara, Munetoshi, Ikeda, Masakage, Nakagawa - major price drop

    I have need paid fees for buying things in Canadian dollars on PP.... Or any other currency. There is the exchange rate, but that has nothing to do with PP..... Please tell me you know what an exchange rate is
  10. Taurahe

    Judging a Budget Chinese Cleaver by the Coil Shot

    That dao vua is a pretty useful cleaver. Not the finest grind, but it does a good job. I have moved all of my Dao vua to new homes, but I kept the cleaver. The only real complaint I have with Dao vua is they need a better edge quench to give the knife longevity. They honestly get quite a bit of...
  11. Taurahe

    SOLD *** price drop***. Dao Vua knives

    Truth..... I really enjoyed them... But now I have significantly fancier knives and need the room on the knife bar
  12. Taurahe

    Question about the KaBar Becker BK62 Kephart

    The OKC fish and game is handy dandy knife. I have two of them, and they are my goto camping and woods knives.
  13. Taurahe

    WTS *** price drop***. SHIRRYU automatic dive watch

    Ttt.... You know you want it
  14. Taurahe

    Best steel for a Nakiri

    I just picked up another Goko No Hamono 165mm Nashiji in shirogami 1..... Takes an insane sharp edge, holds it and is a pleasure to cut with. It performs well above its price point
  15. Taurahe

    New West Knifeworks Fish Spatula - $15 spatula, $50 scales, and a $90 logo

    I'm not shocked..... I wanted a knife for a long while, then I got to handle one in person. I was unimpressed. Unbalanced, workmanship was mediocre to moderate, no real attention to detail. The knife itself looked the same as your spatula.... Like an off the shelf decent knife with expensive ha...
  16. Taurahe

    Is adding a 3000-4000 grit stone going to be any benefit to a beginner?

    In your situation I would get a coarse stone before I went finer. It's important to know basic edge repair and a 1k is not the tool for the job