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  1. Mlan

    WTS Radiona Breg pt 2

  2. Mlan

    WTS Radiona Breg pt 2

  3. Mlan

    WTS Radiona Breg pt 2

    Bump. Will accept reasonable offers on this one as well
  4. Mlan

    WTS RDG 207x54mm deep etch damascus clad 52100 gyuto

    If only I had the money 😮‍💨
  5. Mlan

    SOLD Smedja Aspen Integral honyaki

    Bump. Will consider thoughtful offers as well
  6. Mlan

    WTS Radiona Breg pt 2

  7. Mlan

    SOLD Migoto Blue #1 Full-Size Cleaver (solo sale, no bundle)

    I have one of these and it is a beast. Definitely the best cleaver I’ve used in terms of geometry, HT, and grind. Not too many around either
  8. Mlan

    SOLD Migoto Blue 2 Gyuto

    If you just use some powder with a bit of water and a cotton pad or wood it is good for removing patina too. Below is an example:
  9. Mlan

    SOLD Migoto Blue 2 Gyuto

    Selling my Migoto blue 2 iron clad gyuto. Gotta make up some ground I lost on Black Friday. This knife is really good. Very stiff, but the grind tapers down real nice as seen in the choil. I’ve used it maybe a dozen and a half times at home and sharpened once. The grind marks on the KU were...
  10. Mlan

    WTS Radiona Breg pt 2

  11. Mlan

    When seller pics and/or posts aren't honest…

    Yeah that’s called fraud…which should definitely be called out and action taken
  12. Mlan

    Recipe Requested Okonomiyaki That is a solid place to start
  13. Mlan

    Withdrawn Neon Genesis Evangelion: Perfect Collection (Sealed) DVD Box Set

    Still don’t understand the ending 😮‍💨
  14. Mlan

    WTS Radiona Breg pt 2