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  1. Slomcc

    Show your newest knife buy

    Mutsumi Hinoura 180 Bunka, white #2 stainless clad. Wife was keen on a new knife and after careful consideration chose this. She was very happy with it after breezing through tonight’s chicken thighs 👌
  2. Slomcc

    Show your newest knife buy

    Beautiful 👍
  3. Slomcc

    The Hide Master Wooden Knife Stand

    Nice rack 👍
  4. Slomcc

    Lego knife holder block

    Great idea, very unique!
  5. Slomcc

    Any Prep Tips for brilliant patina?

    Felt pad with a mixture of Jiff & Bar Keepers Friend. Then polish up with diamond spray. Juicy onions, pineapple or hot pork loin I find works best for me
  6. Slomcc

    Show your newest knife buy

    Very very nice 👍
  7. Slomcc

    Fighter models

    Sorry just realised it’s not a fighter model…. Worth a look anyway 👍
  8. Slomcc

    Fighter models

    1/12 Porsche.
  9. Slomcc

    Storing vs Displaying your collection

    Awesome, love Will’s stuff, knives are beautiful!
  10. Slomcc

    What are we listening to lately?

    Have had CLUTCH on repeat for about three weeks, they don’t have 1 bad song 👌
  11. Slomcc

    Humble home cook’s collection

    Ah probably the Thornton 190 then the Newham parer.
  12. Slomcc

    Humble home cook’s collection

    Thanks mate yes that’s a little beast and is abused most days 👍
  13. Slomcc

    Fighter models

  14. Slomcc

    What is your Job?

    Flexo/Gravure/Letterpress label printer
  15. Slomcc

    the Dog I didnt want.

    Roxie the foxie/chihuahua. Fast as a whippet and cheeky as!! We already had 4 cats and I was dead against getting a dog….however she is a little bit of a daddy’s girl xx
  16. Slomcc

    Fighter models

    Love my modelling! The wife and I have the spare bedroom set up as our “Art room” where we do linocut printing, Pyrography (wood burning), she paints and I plug away on my models. Just finished an A-7E Corsair 2, currently working on a RAAF Huey helicopter 👍
  17. Slomcc

    My favorite color is USED .......the unvarnished patina thread!

    Shig 210 Watanabe 240 pro
  18. Slomcc

    My favorite color is USED .......the unvarnished patina thread!

    Kikuichi 270 sujihiki Thornton 230 blue #2 honyaki
  19. Slomcc

    Humble home cook’s collection

    Hi all, just an Aussie battler home cook who has collected some nice knives over 15 years or so 👍 Some of these are tucked away in their boxes and don’t see any use. Cheers, Josh Left side top to bottom; Suisin Hayate #12 300 Sakimaru Tako Watanabe 240 white Yanagi Watanabe 240 KU Gyuto...