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  1. Edge

    Famous Italian Dishes by Chef Hector [Ettore] Boiardi 1930

    Thanks for posting that link. Always neat to see old cookbooks. And that other book about the family; I'll have to check out the availability on Amazon.
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    New member

    Welcome to the forum!
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    New member

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hi from SoCal

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Philly checking in

    Welcome to the forum.
  7. Edge

    Unpopular opinions

    Technical threads shouldn't be polluted with profanity. I understand most may not be offended, but we want to make the community as inviting as possible. It's not about treating you as children, its about holding everyone to a higher standard.
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    Welcome! As Quapla' asked, what knofe company? We're glad to have you join us!
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    Hello from Tokyo

    We're glad to have you sign up! What made you decide to do it? Just curious.
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    I just used some maple sugar and it does give a maple flavor.
  11. Edge

    Pretty places

    Okay, here's a pretty place. These are beaches at or near Pensacola Beach, FL. 2013
  12. Edge

    Unpopular opinions

    This is the original Unpopular Opinions thread, with the content of the Unpopular Opinions II. The last few pages of the closed OP were moved to the EdThompson thread. Now back to your regularly scheduled Unpopular Opinion. And thanks to @sansho for this idea.
  13. Edge

    Unpopular opinions

    Thanks for this idea. I've made a note to come back later today and seriously look into doing what you've outlined.
  14. Edge

    Can't insert images?

    Regular members do not have the permission to post attachments in the Sponsor Marketplace. Just messages containing text.
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    Very popular opinions thread
  16. Edge

    Very popular opinions thread

    They were mailed November 13, 2023. I did not know you did not receive them. I'll send again.
  17. Edge

    KKF counts to a million The comments for this issue will be on that thread. Please put them there if you want them seen.
  18. Edge

    KKF counts to a million The only thread where any of this will be discussed.
  19. Edge

    Unpopular Opinions Jr.

    Thank you for opening this one.
  20. Edge

    Crispy Club

    Crispy Club [email protected]