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  1. JMeen

    WTS Yoshitaka Yamada Wrought Iron Gyuto 240 mm

    Wow what a stunner 😍. GLWS!!
  2. JMeen

    SOLD 1900usd Kiyoshi Kato + Genkai Honyaki Sakimaru 330

    Funniest thread in a while. I lol’d
  3. JMeen

    WTS Ashi staghorn handle 300mm honyaki gyuto

    Damn. This is absolutely stunning . GLWS man!
  4. JMeen

    SOLD BNIB Tanaka Yohei(Takada) 240mm Blue 1 Kasumi

    Was about to tag you lol
  5. JMeen

    Bought Kawachi 240 gyuto

    Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but JNS carries a 240 Kiritsuke:
  6. JMeen

    SOLD Kagekiyo Blue #1 Dammy 240mm Gyuto

    Such a great price for a stunning knife 👌👌 GLWS!
  7. JMeen

    Knife findings

    Kasumi was a little over 1000€
  8. JMeen

    Knife findings

    Not honyaki. But Dammy 240:
  9. JMeen

    Knife findings Mazaki honyaki
  10. JMeen

    Bought Suminagashi Takada No Hamono 240mm
  11. JMeen

    WTB - EU Gyutos in 240mm: Watanabe Pro, Y.Tanaka AS, Denka (210), Hado Junpaku Shiro #1 or Kijiro

    It’s withdrawn, but you might want to contact @jurdon:
  12. JMeen

    WTB - EU Hado sumi ko bunka

    Only used a few times so far. But extremely light (120g) and thin. Very sharp OOTB. Obviously more suited for smaller and precision tasks, but easily falls through smaller veggies. And a beautiful finish IMO. Very happy with it for this price.
  13. JMeen

    WTB - EU Hado sumi ko bunka

    Bought the exact same knife at meesterslijpers as well. Pro-tip: write a random product review and get a 5% discount code before you order your knife.
  14. JMeen

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Okonomiyaki (Osaka style). The dish that got me into Japanese cooking.
  15. JMeen

    Then and Now: A Humble Knife Collecting Journey

    Do you have any favorites amongst these suji’s?
  16. JMeen

    WTT Shigefusa Kitaeji Sujihiki/ Tsukasa Unryu Sujihiki

    Not a sujihiki, but Yanagiba and fuguhiki for sale here;
  17. JMeen

    Knife findings

    2 shigefusa Kitaeji online at JNS right now. But hella expensive