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  1. crockerculinary

    Brian Hanson passaround

    Hey folks was just about to update. Sorry for the delay, unfortunately I just came down with Covid for the first time on Tuesday (was scheduled to pass off on Wednesday) and I’ve been getting my ass kicked for the last few days. Seems like I’m out of the woods and getting better, but I don’t...
  2. crockerculinary

    Brian Hanson passaround

    Knife arrived safe and sound. Got some pics and gonna put it through the paces over the next few days and will post some cutting videos and my thoughts before handing it off. See ya soon.
  3. crockerculinary

    Knives spotted in the wild: celebrity chef edition

    Ryan Seacrest apparently is a big fan of of “handcrafted” knives. Mass produced in China for the fragile suburban male ego. Eww.
  4. crockerculinary

    Brian Hanson passaround

    I’d love to get in if possible. Sacramento CA.
  5. crockerculinary

    How to sharpen weird serrated Shun “Note that serrated knives can be honed by our service, but cannot be sharpened.” I was surprised by this when I read their terms. It seems so strange to me that they can’t sharpen their own crazy serrations. Seems to me it’s a clear admission that they make...
  6. crockerculinary

    Kiwi Knives

    I recommend Kiwis all the time to people who want to spend less than 10 bucks on a knife, and I have used them many times. Kiwis work well (aka move through food well) because they are crazy thin. That’s it. They are a great argument for the value of a laser, which perhaps more knifemakers and...
  7. crockerculinary

    Pimento Cheese Recipe - Need One

    Also you want the cheese to be incorporated into the mixture, like a chunky pâté. The mixer can help smoosh that cheese up, or you could pulse it a bit in a food processor, but typically that would be done before adding the pimentos so there are still distinct chunks of pepper instead of being...
  8. crockerculinary

    Pimento Cheese Recipe - Need One

    Looks like the recipe is just off on the amount of cheese. Just keep adding (a lot more) cheese until it tightens up. Its typically like 80% cheese.
  9. crockerculinary

    The high drama thread

    Yeah, like someone’s been peeing in the pool.
  10. crockerculinary

    The high drama thread

    Omg. This is so painful to watch.
  11. crockerculinary

    When does an integral bolster make sense?

    Oh lord, hardly, that man is a saint, but I appreciate the compliment.
  12. crockerculinary

    When does an integral bolster make sense?

    Besides just being a flex, balance for sure. A lot of heavier western knives would be heavily blade weighted without, particularly partial and stick tang varieties. It bring the weight back to center in that case. It’s counterintuitive to most of our current tastes but having more weight in your...
  13. crockerculinary

    The problem with coticules

    I’ve been wanting to try these for a long time but know almost nothing. Any recommendations for a good, reliable seller for them? Or any general buying tips?
  14. crockerculinary

    Is it really cheaper to buy whole chicken?

    I think it depends on how well you maximize your resources. I’ve been pretty happy with my technique for getting the most out of a whole chicken. I simmer mine in water with just salt and a healthy bit of garlic. Cook until the leg separates when lifted, pull it out, and as soon as I’m able to...
  15. crockerculinary

    Handle Material Suppliers?

    Jamison Chopp usually keeps a small but nice (and fair priced) collection of stabilized blocks on his website.
  16. crockerculinary

    Chicago Knife Stores?

    Northside cutlery-
  17. crockerculinary

    How am I doing this?

    Soft cladding is really easy to scratch. Something like the root end of an onion which often contains dirt and is extremely woody can do this for sure. Garlic bulbs and even the ends of individual cloves are also extremely tough and hard and could do this. If you want to avoid this you can use a...
  18. crockerculinary

    Anyone have a good educational resource for scissor and shear sharpening?

    Hey all. Thanks in advance for any help. Looking to learn more about scissor and shear sharpening, namely understanding higher end hair and fabric stuff. Naturally its all the same basic concept, but looking to understand the different styles and options and techniques, idiosyncrasies and...