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  1. Deckhand

    VG10 bread knife. A good idea?

    I see you posted this a while ago. If you didn’t get a bread knife already buy a tojiro itk bread knife.
  2. Deckhand


    Wow that sucks. Sorry for your loss, and for all those it effected. Sad indeed.
  3. Deckhand

    Blog on my website

    Very nice Mark.
  4. Deckhand

    Bread Knife? Options beside MAC?

    I love my Tojiro ITK works great for me. Also, there is Gude and Misono.
  5. Deckhand

    Bread knife?

    Now, I have to get some ribs tomorrow. Nice to meet you.
  6. Deckhand

    Bread knife?

    I agree a gyuto may not do a good job, but my tojiro ITK would make quick work of that. The video is from Theory/Rick he is using a Tojiro ITK bread knife not a gyuto.
  7. Deckhand

    Need Knife or Knife Set Recommendation for Mother's Day

    I hear what you are saying. It is not for banging around in the garden. Lol
  8. Deckhand

    Need Knife or Knife Set Recommendation for Mother's Day

    While not the typical buy a gyuto first comment I usually make. If it is for your mom buy a Kyocera Santoku. Cuts well, and goes in the dishwasher. She will like it.
  9. Deckhand

    FS : Sakai Yusuke Stainless 240MM Gyuto

    No mine didn't have the extra hardening or flat profile. The extra hardening was a fairly new feature you could order after I took a test drive of Pensacola Tiger's. I liked his so much he let me buy it. It was very nice of him. You know when you use a knife that just feels right. I am very...
  10. Deckhand

    Bread knife?

    Just one man's opinion, but since you asked. I think the Tojiro and Mac are fairly similar and priced a lot lower than the Gude. The Gude is an expensive bread knife. You should also look at the Misono for a price between the others. Salty really liked his. Quite sure more opinions will follow.
  11. Deckhand

    Hi All ... from SD

    Welcome to KKF!
  12. Deckhand


    Congratulations on your success!
  13. Deckhand

    Carrying knives

    I really like my ultimate edge deluxe knife case.
  14. Deckhand

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Coffee, and waiting to see the blood moon.
  15. Deckhand

    Wtb Mac or Tojiro bread knife

    I love my tojiro ITK. I use it all the time. One of my favorite knives. Sold quite a few of my knives, but that one is a keeper.
  16. Deckhand

    FS : Sakai Yusuke Stainless 240MM Gyuto

    Congrats! Great gyuto. I love mine. I have the same one in a 270mm.
  17. Deckhand

    Japanese Knives The new store opened today

    Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a better guy.
  18. Deckhand

    Vacmaster 112 under $600

    You guys are killing me. I can't afford all my hobbies. Still really want to get into sous vide and infusing.
  19. Deckhand

    Bread knife?

    I love my tojiro ITK bread knife. It is one of the few knives I will keep forever. I use it all the time. I even sent one as a gift to a ukulele builder on the big island in Hawaii. He loves his too. Wicked knife for the money.
  20. Deckhand

    New baby finally here!

    Congratulations Eamon!