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  1. Orange Yolks

    WTB Ashi/Gesshin Ginga 240 white #2 gyuto

    You may find these back in stock at JKI…. Shortly… ;)
  2. Orange Yolks

    Bought Nakiri for student

    Gesshin Uraku 165mm SKD Nakiri These were recently restocked, and they seem to be right in line with what you’re looking for, price point, purpose etc… It comes with a saya, always a plus. If you have questions just call/email the shop, that goes for your friend as well. Jon is a great resource.
  3. Orange Yolks

    240mm Stainless Steel Gyuto / Petty

    This is a hysterical but true answer. Buuuut, realistically, online shopping is the way here, and rather than going for a knife/knives that are more expensive, thinner, harder heat treatments, more brittle etc… I would seriously consider the Gesshin Stainless 240mm gyuto and 150mm petty combo...
  4. Orange Yolks

    SOLD JKI Tangetsu 270mm

    I have the 240mm version of this knife and it is an absolute screamer. It’s in the “will not sell on” category. I remember looking at the 270mm in store and being really enticed by it. It was just longer than my needs. Whomever buys this will be pleased. FWIW it appears pretty similar to the...
  5. Orange Yolks

    WTB Small Yanagiba (180mm to 240mm)

    Sukibiki is going to be a big purpose. I do this task very much.
  6. Orange Yolks

    WTB Small Yanagiba (180mm to 240mm)

    Post edited for budget. @Qapla' I'm looking for this shape specifically. I have 2 deba and a longer yanagi as well. Right handed.
  7. Orange Yolks

    WTB Small Yanagiba (180mm to 240mm)

    Anything between 180mm-240mm It's going to see heavy fish butchery use. White, blue, silver 3, let me know what you've got. Edit: Budget $200ish Cheers.
  8. Orange Yolks

    SOLD Gesshin Hide 330 Blue 1 Hon Kasumi Yanagiba BNIB (reduced)

    Oh dear... This makes me think of Wayne's World: "I'm not worthy!" Great price, someone will snap this up, surely.
  9. Orange Yolks

    Crossback Aprons

    I have a Manahan (also available from JKI). Not a cross back per se, it's a Y-back. Expensive, but pretty durable, mildly waterproof, has decent pockets, and I like that it has a pocket for a sharpie. The Y-back isn't included, but you can buy it from Manahan's website. Darwin is also a pretty...
  10. Orange Yolks

    Greetings from France

    Welcome! I also butcher a ton of fish for work. My favorite is striped bass because it is easy. And my least favorite is barramundi b/c it is ****.
  11. Orange Yolks

    recommend me a cutting board!

    I really like the Hasegawa with the wood core. These hi-soft boards and other rubber ones are deceptively heavy and it gets annoying pretty quickly, especially at bigger sizes. The wood core hasegawa is really nice in this respect. I got mine from MTC. Also, pro-tip: They all stain like a MF...
  12. Orange Yolks

    mazaki knives

    Just throwing out in here that I recently got the 135mm deba from Sharp and am very, very happy with it. It's not the most common size, but imho it is the best size deba. Plenty of tip, and heel is robust for breaking bones. Nice handle too fwiw.
  13. Orange Yolks

    Toyama vs Watanabe yanagiba

    @M1k3 Hysterical
  14. Orange Yolks

    Recommend Me a Yanagiba

    I'm looking for a yanagi as well for professional use. I'm eyeballing the Shigehiro at CKC. One of the guys I work with recommends Aritsugu direct from JP. I haven't priced out the shipping, but it appears a lot cheaper. And I like saving money b/c I cook for a living and I'm poor. Also wouldn't...
  15. Orange Yolks

    What are we listening to lately? You can listen live to KCRW for free online, or if you live in LA it's 89.9. Nightly 8-10pm window. I rarely hear stuff I don't like.
  16. Orange Yolks

    SOLD Heiji 240 sujihiki semi stainless

    Noice, tempted, but need a yanagi more... must express discipline.
  17. Orange Yolks

    Cutting board suggestions

    havent needed to, but the instructions sheet that came with it said that’s what you do. I would imagine you could find it on MTC’s website. If I remember correctly, it’s 150f to 200f. I raised my eyebrow b/c of the wood core, but I guess it doesn’t matter. as other have said, these rubber...
  18. Orange Yolks

    Cutting board suggestions

    Big fan of the Hasegawa rubber with wood core from MTC. I got one of the smaller ones to complement a big Sani-tuff I have. The Hasegawa is lightweight and I appreciate that. Good for the edge, if warp can be flattened in the oven, fairly expensive, but not compared to a nice end-grain board. I...