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    Fun Suji to try out?

    Thanx for the info, i just sent him an email. I have one really noobish question for you though. What makes them near identical? (Yusuke, Ashi, and Konosuke) is it because they are from the same city, Sakai? that they share same technic, material, etc? or are they from same masters? Just...
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    Fun Suji to try out?

    Hey Seb, have you tried Yusuke suji? if so can you pls tell me how the handle is? Only other wa handle i can really compare it to is A-type 240mm gyuto, which felt just a lil thick for me. I really like the spec on this suji... and only 100 grams!!! and seems like it's not as short as...
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    Fun Suji to try out?

    I was acutally checking em out... it's interesting how their specs so different though... w2 • Brand---Sakai Ichimonji-Kichikuni(hand engraved on blade in Kanji) • Edge---Yasuki ShiroKou(Shirogami)No.2(White No.2 Steel) made from iron-sand/Hitachi Metal LTD. &#8226...
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    Fun Suji to try out?

    I've had CN 240mm suji for about a month but i ended up selling it to one of my coworkers... Not that i didn't like it (great knife btw, although it was my first suji), he just really wanted it after trying it out one day. and since his birthday was coming up, i just sold it to him pretty...
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    Hello Fellas!

    First of all, You guys ROCK!!! :headbang: Been a member of KF for about six months, reading and learning about what knives are all about... mainly thru searching and etc... I see lots of names in this forum from the other and would like to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and being...