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  1. knyfeknerd

    carolina Gold rice?

    It's good stuff. I personally prefer the Carolina Gold aromatic.....or try the rice grits....
  2. knyfeknerd

    Heading to Charleston

    Plus one to all these. Fast & French is a good funky spot for lunch and Brown Dog Deli too...... Rooftop at Grand Bohemian for drinks, but definitely Gin Joint is tops...... Leon's Oyster Shop Mercantile and Mash Circa 1886 Fat Hen-not in Charleston proper, but worth it. Cypress The...
  3. knyfeknerd

    Etching w ferric chloride advice for a noob

    Don't drink any. Don't leave anything in it too long. Martell put a thread up a loooong time ago with a step-by-step. I used that as my guide.
  4. knyfeknerd

    Trying to Stay Sharp

    Welcome to the forum. I have a Star Wars problem and have been in recovery since I got married 11.5 years ago.
  5. knyfeknerd

    Hello my name is knyfeknerd

    I drank so much that I don't remember! Just kidding, I'll never tell! We should have taken pics.
  6. knyfeknerd

    Happy Birthday Zweifel!

    Happy birthday brother! You are sorely, surely missed.....especially around here. I hope you still look in on the forums from time to time from that big server farm up in the sky.
  7. knyfeknerd

    Film Catering

    Never done any film stuff, but plenty for bands and other musicians/groups. Terribly long days. Terrible food. Sometimes it's someone I'd like to see, but I'm too tired to truly enjoy the show(days usually start around 3am)....and if it's a younger crowd: I'm either suspected of being a narc...
  8. knyfeknerd

    Hello my name is knyfeknerd

    Hi everyone, I'm the artist formerly known as knyfeknerd. I do(again) apologize for my hiatus from the forum. We're all moved in and almost totally unpacked. Time to find a job. I've got an inbox full of unread PM's. I owe a few of you guys some knives. I haven't moderated %^#@ in about...
  9. knyfeknerd

    Chicago. Topic. Say Something.

    Awkward Publican server.........bought me a bottled water at the Alkaline Trio show.
  10. knyfeknerd


    Dude! That sucks! It truly was a nice mens room. I hope Salty is doing well, please send him my best regards.
  11. knyfeknerd

    Happy Birthday Knyfeknerd.

    Thanks for all the birthday love. Sorry to be a little absent of late......big move to Charleston, SC coming up for us. It's been a dream of ours since.....forever. It's just taking a lot of work to get there! Can't wait to host a get-together there as soon as we get settled.
  12. knyfeknerd

    How old are you guys?

    IF any of you had the chance to hang with Karring, he'd run circles around you while drinking you under the table. Truly a legend and an inspiration. I thought I could hang, but my liver had other plans. How's that arm treating you today Karring?
  13. knyfeknerd

    Just a couple things

    Oh, I think I know what this post is all about-via our texts the other day Chucky. Haha! It's funny, but true! I miss all those peeps and even more. Was so cool to hang with Salty in person this fall. He's everything I imagined, but better. Dammit Danny!!!!
  14. knyfeknerd


    really great post!
  15. knyfeknerd

    Danny Owen AKA Zwiefel

    Has anyone seen Zoolander 2 in Danny's honor?
  16. knyfeknerd

    5 Bands. Give it up.

    Bon Scott era ACDC The Pixies Beastie Boys Luna Operation Ivy De La Soul-sorry that's 6!
  17. knyfeknerd

    How old are you guys?

    39 for another month or so.
  18. knyfeknerd

    Whats your prep/warm up kitchen playlist?

    ....well, you're gonna lose me when you start singing Smashmouth tunes.
  19. knyfeknerd

    Whats your prep/warm up kitchen playlist?

    Are you in your Chumbawamba and Ace of Base phase again?
  20. knyfeknerd

    Danny Owen AKA Zwiefel!/TributeWall Danny's Obituary