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    anybody making candy/caramels?

    I use buttered silpat or some other silicone mold. Works pretty well for me. :)
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    Castella (sponge cake knife)

    22inches sounds really excessive, but they are more or less just a normal cake knife with a blade. They are used to cut large sheet cakes. I think the reason Japanese people call it a "castella" knives is because castella was Japan's first introductions to cake. If you want to check out a...
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    Hello from Philly!

    Welcome! :)
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    Greetings from Sweden

    Welcome! :)
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    New member from Brooklyn

    Welcome! :)
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    Hi from Sweden

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    Doi yangiba

    No, they are completely gone. :(
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    Happy bday Huw

    Happy birthday! :)
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    Doi yangiba

    For the Hayate knives, the yellow stamp under the name means it was made by the son.
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    Kiritsuke as main knife?

    I think that would be difficult depending on what you're doing.
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    Happy Birthday Mr. Drinky!

    Happy birthday! :)
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    Help Identifying my Yaganiba

    It says Sakai Takayuki :) Hope this helps!
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    The State of The Pay It Forward

    You are so incredibly generous and kind to have such a page up on Facebook to begin with. Working in the kitchen and juggling family is so difficult. Also in regards to "You're either in it all the way or you're a worthless piece of ****" statement, don't even acknowledge that noise. I'm sure...
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    a really old butcher table.

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing. :) The table looks good as new!
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    Nigiri sushi toppings and sauces

    I'm pretty sure the thing on top of the nigiri is fried lotus root. Sushi of Gari is great by the way. I've only been once, but I remember being very impressed by their sushi.
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    Restaurant suggestions Napa, Yountville

    +1 for Redd! It's a beautiful very comfortable restaurant. I had the pleasure of going there last September. :doublethumbsup:
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    Gohan Society Scholarship Program 2015 (Part 1)

    Cool! I'm the instagram-er that said hi in the showroom. :) That's awesome that you're on here. Were you looking at stones for KKF?
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    Gohan Society Scholarship Program 2015 (Part 1)

    That's so awesome!! Kanazawa is such a lovely city. You should definitely go visit again. They have such an amazing food culture there. :biggrin:
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    Gohan Society Scholarship Program 2015 (Part 1)

    Heeeey are you the same Mr. Klip that was at the Korin Chef's night and helping us serve tuna to everyone? You came into Korin this week too, yea? LOL