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    Bit of success on the Kiita

    My tanaka gyuto was starting to lose its edge and just stropping it on the stone wasn't working like it use to. Made a bit of DMT slurry and did a bit of work on both sides. Then I went into edge leading strokes and finished with edge trailing strokes. Was touching up a straight razor and saw...
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    Need help getting a basic set up going, help appreciated!

    Just moved into a new apartment (graduated college and left the nest) and need a basic set up for cooking at my new place. Not sure what knives I need but I know I need a cutting board or two. This set up is for at home cooking for 1-sometimes guest. Currently I have... Knives: blue steel...
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    SOLD Tamagoiro from Nakayama

    very pure and middle soft stone, it gives a very sharp and fine edge (grain size about 3μm) Sealed 142mm*80mm*23mm Purchased from nutmeg but just not the stone for me, selling close to original price. 150$ shipped Pictures from nutmeg Pictures of stone I took on phone after lapping, more...
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    Different finishes on new kiridashi

    Ended up getting 23$ kiridashi from amazon link below if curious ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002TYZR5I/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 ) Took it from worn out DMT 325 to 12k synthetic followed by my coticule then jnat (was just looking at different finishes) . Was interesting taking...
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    WTB 220-500 grit synthetic water stone/also possibly a 4k-6k jnat for knife finishing

    Looking for 220-600 synthetic stone and possibly finishing jnat for knives beginner friendly. (55$ budget course stone and 150$ for jnat) I have a chosera 1k, naniwa 5k, shapton 8k then very very fine kiita and asagi stone (8k+ and 2 current jnats for finishing razors). Planning on using...
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    Cheap sharpening stone for knives?

    I currently have nice chosera 1k, naniwa SS 5k, shapton pro 8k, and very fine coticule/jnat. (these stones I got for straight razors, I buy and sell them on occasion so 1k-8k set of stones are nice). Only nice knife I have is a 125$ ish carbon steel gyuoto I picked up. It has been fine though...
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    Looking to get a kiridashi, any recommendations?

    Budget of around 50$ USD. Looking for a right-hand single bevel kiridashi. Looking for it to be 18-24mm width and preferably a simple design.
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    Fake stamps

    Some people have found evidence of the vendor yourtogiya selling stones with fake stamps. Someone noticed they had seen the stone advertised as "Nakayama Hatahoshi Maruka Sunashi Suminagashi " before without all the stamps. The stone was definitly on the unique side so was very obvious the...
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    question on synthetic progression

    Straight razor user here so I don't use very much pressure. Currently have chosera 1k, naniwa superstone 5k, and then I just use jnat to finish. Ordered a Shapton professional Kuromaku #8000 very fine (was 60$ ) just so I can take straight razor edge a bit further before finishing on jnat...
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    recommend me a chef knife? newbie here

    Looking to get my first somewhat decent chef knife. Not looking to spend more than 50-70$ as I plan to learn how to sharpen knives with it as well. I have chosera 1k and naniw ss 3k/5k (even 8k/12k and few jnat but I use those for Straight razor). I also need to pick up a sharpening steel...
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    New to forum, Hello

    Hello all new to forum thought I would say hey. I am straight razor user but never paid to much attention to my knives at home. Thought this would be the forum to learn more. I also don't have any quality kitchen knives and wanted to see if I could get any recommendations? Just looking for 1...