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    A mate of mine sent me a pic of some knives he was gifted 30 years ago or so. They don’t look anything special and I see they’re US made stamped Cutco. I’m not in the US so know nothing of them except what a quick google search brought up. Can someone offer any more info on them? Metal...
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    RIP Master Keijiro Doi

    Deeply saddens me when one of these masters passes on. His legacy will live on in all his beautiful tools and of course in his son’s craftsmanship. Thanks for your brilliance Master Doi san. https://vimeo.com/83828366
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    Masamoto KS Gyuto

    Have an opportunity to buy a 300 KS Gyuto. Anyone have any experience with this size KS blade? Have always wanted to try the KS range but haven't ventured longer than 270 with a gyoto yet...
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    3 million yen stone!!!

    Just browsing and came across this stone: http://www.shinise.ne.jp/shop/item/7661/ I'm pretty clueless on JNats but holy cow - that's a lot of boodle for 1 stone. I always knew they could be pricey but this is on another level!!
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    How do you "vet" a prospective seller on EBay, BST etc?

    There are some knives I'm interested in buying for quite a lot of money. Then my paranoid personality disorder got me thinking: "what if this guys a fraudster trying to rip me off?" How do you guys determine if a seller is the real deal? What precautions do you take in these kinda deals to...
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    Recommendations for my next knife purchase

    Need some advice on the next blade for my collection: Currently I have mainly clad and some Damascus knives from various makers (Shig, Hinoura, Takeda, Fujiwara, Saji, Takamura. Most of the knives are either in the form of santokus, gyutos, or nakiris, and the odd petty and utility. All are...
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    Looking for a video showing the entire knifemaking process

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to find a vid that basically shows one of the Japanese masters making a knife from start to the finished product. I.e. Starting with forging to sharpening and polishing. Does such a thing exist and if so does anyone have a link?
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    Hi from South Africa

    Hi everyone. I'm crazy about all things Japanese - particularly Japanese kitchen knives (and whiskies!). I started a collection about a year ago and so far have a few Takamuras in Suminagashi Damascus (210mm gyoto x 2; 165mm Santoku; 130mm petty), Shibata Kotetsu (180mm Bunka; 130m Ko-bunka...