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    SOLD Watanabe Pro 225mm Blue #2 Gyuto

    Just got one of these this week. Beast is right!
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    SOLD Shigefusa, Watanabe, Munetoshi, Konosuke HD2

    I just couldn't pass up the Butcher. With the amount of brisket and chickens I go through it'll pay for itself in no time
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    SOLD Shigefusa, Watanabe, Munetoshi, Konosuke HD2

    Interested in the Butcher pending pictures of the tip
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    Thanks. This place is how I wound up getting my first but definitely not last Tanaka. Tanakas, anything by the Kurosaki brothers, Shibatas, and a Takamura are in the list for this year. Then after that who knows.....
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    Decided to just stop lurking around here. Started down the J knife rabbit hole in January and now I have an Anryu B2 petty, Tanaka B2 santoku, Masakage Shimo nakiri, Makoto W2 240 and Kurosaki R2 laser. Can't wait to pick up more Brad