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  1. Crazyknives

    SOLD A2 240x55.6mm gyuto

    I love everything about this knife! It's just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  2. Crazyknives

    SOLD 3 knives

    Same he! 😂
  3. Crazyknives

    WTB Migoto Blue 1 Gyuto 240mm

    keep an eye on Migoto, he just got same 250 mm b1 suminigashi, I should get mine in a couple of days.
  4. Crazyknives

    SOLD 220mm Apex Ultra Go-Mai Gyuto

    woow this is a nice one!! On 240mm would be great
  5. Crazyknives

    SOLD 9 inch (225mm) gyuto in cpm m4

    What is the HRC on it?
  6. Crazyknives

    Show your newest knife buy

    Holy F... This one is nice!! What are the measurements?
  7. Crazyknives

    Morihei Hisamoto 240 western to Wa conversion

    Woow looks great! No wonder this knife is sold out everywhere!
  8. Crazyknives

    Show your newest knife buy

    Sweet!! 🔥
  9. Crazyknives

    Show your newest knife buy

    Woow!! This looks great!!
  10. Crazyknives

    Withdrawn A gorgeous 240 Y Tanaka Gyuto

    It won't last, the Handle is crazy beuttiful too!!
  11. Crazyknives

    Venev Diamond Stones: what am I getting into?

    Buy some Silicon Carbide in Amazon, put some in a flat surface with a few drops of water, and with the Venev make Circles for a few minutes, clean them very good, I have been using venev diamond for some time now,
  12. Crazyknives

    WTS PRICE DROP 07/03/2023-ZWear/304SS San-Mai 235mm Gyuto Semi-Custom

    That Choil shoot is Crazy!! I love Knives with good edge retention,
  13. Crazyknives

    WTS Robin Dalman Duo Gyuto & small Gyuto (EU)

    woow! Those are friking beautiful! Must be hard letting them go!
  14. Crazyknives

    Takeda vs. Takeda No Hamano

  15. Crazyknives

    SOLD Nakagawa Damascus Blue #1 Tall Gyuto 240mm

    where did you get the Hado Damascus mate? I have been waiting for mine for a while now! Thanks