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  1. Reptyle

    Dogs of KKF

    My tri-pawed with her new wheels.
  2. Reptyle

    SOLD 2 baddies

    BST is on FIRE this morning. That 9 profile in particular looks sweet.
  3. Reptyle

    WTS 240mm gyutos - Kippington Fishhook and Aritsugu A-type

    That Kipp is so good! Tempting, but I already have its twin. Great opportunity for someone to try a Kipp!
  4. Reptyle

    SOLD Marko Tsourkan ~240 workhorse in AEB-L

    My deepest condolences man. That is so freaking rough. Hope you guys find some peace and strength during this time! Oh & beautiful gyuto, GLWS
  5. Reptyle

    That d*mn courier thread.

    It was shipped via USPS to a UPS store to avoid porch pirates.
  6. Reptyle

    That d*mn courier thread.

    Well I guess I'm finally having my bad luck with USPS. I really should have driven the 2 hours rather than trust the mail, because now my Riverjump gyuto is MIA. It's showing up as delivered to the UPS store, but isn't anywhere to be found. I feel so crestfallen.
  7. Reptyle

    SOLD Tim jhoanson gyutoiki

    Nice looking blade! Tim's work is under-rated here I feel.
  8. Reptyle

    Daughter of Forum Member

    If your not ordering directly from them, I'd say that reputation is moot. CJA's work really is up there, even if their business accumen isn't. Lol
  9. Reptyle

    Daughter of Forum Member

    CJA/ Scorpion Forge makes some absolutely stellar knives. That is a great gift and should serve you well for many years.
  10. Reptyle

    Show your newest knife buy

    Well dang! There she is! Glad that Rader went to someone here on kkf at least and I get to see pictures. Congratulations @Homechef
  11. Reptyle

    The official Piss & Moan Thread

    I've definitely experienced this frustration before and been upset with myself for being too slow. At times, it has discouraged me and made me almost give up on competing for coveted knives. However, there had always been another blade that has come along and captured my attention. These days...
  12. Reptyle

    The official Piss & Moan Thread

    Figured we could use a little thread here to consolidate all of our b*tching about the one(s) that got away. Or at least give me space to cry. We all have had our hopes dashed as we compete for highly desirable knives. Whether it is due to a slow internet connection, missed opportunity on BST...
  13. Reptyle

    What is your favourite knife for food release?

    I think @MSicardCutlery hit the nail on the head. While there is no such thing as a knife with perfect food release and cutting ability, Kipp's hook-grind is d@mn hard to beat.
  14. Reptyle

    What's your collection direction?

    I said a bit of everything, but that's sorta a lie. I'm mostly into western makers, but I have more from Tsukasa Hinoura than any other smith. I prefer workhorses, but two of my favorites are lazers. Thought I preferred stainless, found out I was wrong, but have a few stainless pieces that I...
  15. Reptyle

    Lego knife holder block

    Hahaha this is ridiculous and awesome. I love it. Great solution @Sweet
  16. Reptyle

    SOLD Dalman HSS1 230*'

    Ope, Please leave the details from the sale!
  17. Reptyle

    Looking for a knife, but I don't know what to get,

    I would echo others here in cautioning against spending the full budget on one knife without any personal frame of reference. However, I get the allure of just buying one special knife and being done. If I had started with my Kippington, I may never have fallen down this rabbit- hole and been...
  18. Reptyle

    WTS Hyde Handmade and C. Anderson

    Holy cow! That C Anderson is incredible! His work is seriously top notch and that handle is gorgeous. This is a steal. So tempting!
  19. Reptyle

    Show your newest knife buy

    My newest two. RyanDGeiger paring & Xerxes workhorse gyuto; both in Magnacut.
  20. Reptyle

    Whats your most expensive hobby?

    I hear that! I've never thought of it as a hobby, but my pups take up a lot of my time and money. Our Lab is currently dealing with cancer: between the visit, meds, amputation and chemo, I've spent more on her in the past 3 months than I have in the past 5 years on this hobby. 100% worth it.